Printer Cables - USB , DB25

Printer cables including High Speed USB cables 2.0, USB to DB25, USB to CN36, DB25 IEEE1284 cables, MicroCentronics and Centronics 36 printer cables.

Parallel Printer Cables without IEEE1284

These standard grade cables are ideal for connecting PCs and dataswitches to parallel devices, such as printers and flatbed scanners. If you have a newer printer, check to make sure whether it requires IEEE1284 compliant cabling.

IEEE-1284 Compliant Printer Cables
Ideal for connecting PCs and dataswitches to IEEE-1284 compliant parallel printers. These cables come with a variety of ends, including DB25 (type A), Centronics 36 (type B), and Mini Centronics 36 (type C - usually seen on HP products).