8 Port Linkskey ioPower Remote Power Control

CAT5 PS2 VGA KVM Extender Set. The Linkskey CAT5 KVM Extender Set is a new KVM extender technology that utilizes CAT5 media technology to extend your console up to 100M. This cost-effective KVM Extender Set extends your keyboard. monitor and mouse from your computer up to 100m (330 ft) on a single CAT 5 UTP cable with satisfying signal quality.
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The Linkskey LKV-IOP08 is standalone remote power control or an accessory to provide remote power control capability for Linkskey IP-Based Remote Management devices1, LKV-IPM012and Prima IP-Based KVM switches3(LKV-9208IP and LKV-9216IP).

When your server or network device has just locked up and stopped responding, and the only remedy is a power recycling off and on of it. As simple as this reboot procedure can be, it nevertheless requires the admin to attend the server room just to switch the power off and on again. But what if the administrator is a thoudand miles away and nobody can respond to this immediately? The Linkskey LKV-IPM01 + LKV-IOP08 is the solution for you.

In servers crisis management infrastructure, LKV-IPM01 offers an anytime anywhere access and control platform to your remote servers, and LKV-IOP08 is the indispensable power control unit that enables the forced power on/off and power cycling capability from authorized remote clients.

To enable the remote power management capability of your IP-based KVM Switch Solution, LKV-IOP08 is your right choice for remote power on/off control of your remote servers, networking devices or other AC-powered devices via ASCII commands sent over serial connection.

The Linkskey LKV-IOP08 works seamlessly with Linkskey IP-Based management device's1interface to implement a total power control of your server room's devices anytime anywhere in the world. The server admin no longer has to call the server room for help to switch off and on the power or get there in person again.

1 --- Linkskey IP-Based Remote Management devices include LKV-IPM01, LKV-9208IP, and LKV-9216IP. Linkskey IP-Based Remote Management devices provide remote control of server or PC which connected to it.
2 --- Linkskey LKV-IPM01 is a remote management device for a single computer or KVM switch.
3 --- Linkskey Prima IP-Based KVM switches (LKV-9208IP and LKV-9216IP) are KVM switches with remote management. LKV-9208IP is equivalent to LKV-IPM01 + 8-port KVM and LKV-9216IP is equivalent to LKV-IPM01 + 16-port KVM.

8 port AC Power Outlets
Power outlets control using ASCII commands over serial interface
Cascadable up to 16 units and control up to 128 AC power outlets
Numerical display to show power module bank number when cascaded
Numerical display to monitor total current loads (showing 0.0 ~ 99A)
LED for ON/OFF status of each AC power outlet
LED for failure of each AC power outlet
19" rack-mountable design with metal case


Model LKV-IOP08
Power Input 100 ~ 240 VAC @ 50~60 Hz
Power Output Same as Input
Number of Outlets 8 (Each Unit)
Cascadable Up to 16 units (128 AC power outlets)
Rack Mountable Yes
Cable 1 x Power Cord
1 x Serial (DB9 Male-to-Female)
1 x Daisy Chain (RJ-45)
Cable Length Power Cord -- About 6 foot
Serial -- About 6 foot
Daisy Chain -- About 1.5 foot
Local Control Interface RS-232 / DB-9
Remote Control Interface Remote Client Viewer
Current Overload Protection 15 amp max.
Operating Temperature 0 to 45 C
Operating Humidity 10~90% RH
Storage Temperature -20 to 70 C
Storage Humidity 0 to 90% RH
Dimensions (mm) 410 x 165 x 44.5 (L x W x H)
Safety / Emission UL
Warranty 2 Year Limited


Package Contents
1 8-port Remote Power Control
1 Power Cord
1 Serial Cable
1 Daisy Chain Cable
1 Rackmount Kit
8 Port Linkskey ioPower Remote Power Control

8 Port Linkskey ioPower Remote Power Control
1 Year