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Monthly Archives: April 2014

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    Choose the Right HDMI Cables and HDMI Splitters

    Remember when in a recent match Yaya Toure's unrivaled midfield play dragged Manchester City back into the Barclays Premier League title race in a controlled 2-0 win at Crystal Palace. Imagine you are watching the match and the nail biting moment com ...
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    Connecting Multiple PCs!!

    What’s the fastest way to connect two computers? Wireless internet? Not the fastest we say. Ethernet cabling is the fastest way of connecting PCs together. Whether it is your router or the central switch, Ethernet cabling or a crossover cable provi ...
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    Cat6: Wider Bandwidth and Better Transmission

    High bandwidth applications and faster internet is a combination that each one of us would want. Who doesn't want to download his files quickly, or say, browse the internet at lightning-fast speed? Then there is the requirement of installing a super ...
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    Smart Chargers and Cords for the Sharp Corporate

    How often do you plug in your mobile charger while rushing for some urgent work? You must have experienced this at home or work. Then there are times when you have gone out on a field visit and spent the entire day in powerless areas. Resultant being ...

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