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Monthly Archives: July 2014

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    USB Charging Station and USB 3.0 Hub to Simplify day to day life

    Now the world has marched ahead in the technological arena. More and more machines and robots, computers and digital advancements have made life not only easier but also more innovative and scientific. There are so many devices that go into connectin ...
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    Why is an audio flat cable are better than the regular ones?

    With the immense love for music we have, audio flat cables are more of a necessity than a plain want or luxury. And also, with so many media devices around, just one is never enough. Why audio flat cables? What is the difference between them and the ...
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    How USB Angle Cables and Flat Cables make our life convenient ?

    You know what's greater than an innovation? Further innovation and alteration. Sure the guy who made the TV did a great job, but the one who made it flat won many hearts. Then somebody thought about the screen and made LCD. Another went a step furt ...
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    Tips to be remembered while buying a portable power bank

    In the current times, when our lives have become busier and the hours shorter it's unlikely we'd spend hours waiting for trivial things like charging our phones. But not doing so is not an option either when our whole lives revolve around our smartph ...

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