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Monthly Archives: November 2014

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    How to choose the best Monitor Cable with Ferrite Bead

    What is Ferrite Bead ? A Ferrite Bead is a hollow bead or cylinder made of ferrite, a semi magnetic substance made of iron oxide alloys with various other metals. It is usually used with computer cables, slipped over the cable or snapped around the ...
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    Always Have An Portable USB External Power Bank - A Travel Essential

    Battery drained out! Yes, this has happened to all of us at some point of time. It might have happened to you as well that your cell phone or portable device would have run out of charging at some critical moment, leaving you anxious. What's the so ...
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    How to Select an Outdoor Antenna for HDTV

    You might think that TV antennas are relics from your grandparent's time, but there still many families that prefer to use an antenna to eliminate or reduce their monthly cable/satellite TV bill, and enjoy a better picture from their HDTVs. You can u ...

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