The world that one live in today is run on big repositories of data and without communications we are practically handicapped. The people throughout the world are dependent on electronic devices, be it smart phones, laptops or the good old PCs, for exchange of information. But have you ever wondered how the information is passing amongst one another. Cables, cords and battery chargers may sound simple but play as much important roles as the electronic devices themselves.
cat6 patch cable
Do you know the difference between flat cat6 patch cable and a null modem cable? Have you ever heard of items such as power cords and portable USB battery charger? A technologically unsound person will not be able to spot the nuances of various cords that are used in everyday. This article attempts to through light on this issue to certain extent. A patch cord is an electrical or optical cable that is used to connect two network devices, such as a computer to an adjacent router, switch, or most commonly the monitor, for data transmission. The speed of networks is highly dependent on the type of cord used. A Cat-6 patch cordis typically used for networks that can deal with maximum of 250 MHz of data load. Cat-6 is the more powerful version of Cat5e. These cords come in any length based on the requirements like they can be 10 feet long or can be as long as 600 ft long. A null modem cable is a cable that is usually used to connect two computers directly with each other through communication ports (RS-232 ports to be precise) or the modem protocol.

A null modem cable can go up to 30 ft in length. Null modem cable can even be created by using Cat-6 cable without any clipping or Null Modem Cablesoldering. All you need is some DB9 connectors. Power cord on the other hand is a cable that powers a device. It essentially transfers power/energy from the source (an electrical wall outlet) to the device that uses that power for functioning. Like data cable it also varies length wise but is usually thicker.

It can be a 1 ft power cord or a 100 ft power cord. Since power cables are useful only when there is an electrical wall outlet, it creates inconvenience for lots of people who are constantly on the move. In that case the power hungry devices will have no use after a certain point of time.

That is where the portable USB battery charger comes in use. It’s most significant use is in charging batteries or connecting power to portable or mobile devices. In digital world where there is huge amount of internet surfing, gaming, texting or email checking, a dependable charger has become a necessity to avoid the batteries to remain dead for long.