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Audio Video Cables

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    Choose the Best Video Extension Cables for Your Home Theater

    There are new products being launched everyday in the market. Customers should understand the products they are buying and should do their research carefully before they buy any product. One of the products in the Video Extension Cables market is ...
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    How to Select an Outdoor Antenna for HDTV

    You might think that TV antennas are relics from your grandparent's time, but there still many families that prefer to use an antenna to eliminate or reduce their monthly cable/satellite TV bill, and enjoy a better picture from their HDTVs. You can u ...
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    Always Use Armored Cables for all your cabling needs

    Wires enclosed in a metal covering are called armored cables. Inside the flexible metal covering, are an insulated hot and neutral wires and a bare bonding wire. Armored fiber-optic cables are often placed in a network for an added automated protecti ...
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    Why is an audio flat cable are better than the regular ones?

    With the immense love for music we have, audio flat cables are more of a necessity than a plain want or luxury. And also, with so many media devices around, just one is never enough. Why audio flat cables? What is the difference between them and the ...
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    Choosing the Perfect Speaker Cable!

    The right kind of speaker that produces quality sound is something that all music lovers or serial TV watchers desire. It goes without saying that for the right kind of speaker, the right wiring is also necessary. The sound quality of a system is hug ...
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    All About Coaxial and VGA Cables!

    Technological advancements have led to the introduction of lot many advanced gadgets. For instance, the old bulky box television has now transformed into slender and stylish new avatars called LCD and LEDs. But then there are people who are still usi ...
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    Types and Uses of VGA Cables

    What is a VGA CABLE? VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. A VGA cable is a device used to transfer video signals. It does this by acting as a link between the computer and the monitor or between the computer and the television screen. The video grap ...
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    Cables usually refer to two or more wires that are bonded or twisted together to carry electric current. Audio visual cables are those that transmit both audio and video signals.   TYPES OF AUDIO VISUAL CABLES HDMI (High Definition Multimedi ...
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    Amplified HDTV Antenna complete with 360 degree rotation to pick up UHF, VHF and FM Radio signals. Part No# WA-2608-Z

    SF Cable, the Bay Area’s leading supplier of Power Cables, now offers a low cost solution for customers who want to pick up local TV stations and programs. The Amplified HDTV Digital Outdoor Antenna has the ability to pick up UHF(Ultra High Fre ...
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    SFCable.Com Has A Vast Selection Of High Quality Audio Cables

    SFCable.com is a leading wholesale distributor of a wide range of cable assemblies for PC, home theatre and high technology industries. Established in 2002, the firm has a vast catalog with many products including home theatre products, laptop ac ...

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