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    A Sneak Peek into the Working of HDMI Cables!

    You might have heard about HDMI cables and often Google “HDMI cable near me” whenever you want to put them to use. But you might be unaware of their anatomy, specifications, and working. Today, we will provide you with all the information you s ...
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    A Brief Guide to Maintaining Your HDMI Cables with Ease!

    Often, when we stare at the screen mesmerized by the movie that we are watching and chewing over the buttery popcorn; we are completely oblivion of HDMI Cables. The cords that enable the transmission of picture and sound at the same time. No wonder, ...
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    Your Ultimate Fact Check Sheet to HDMI Cables!

    Are the expensive HDMI Cables better? Should I use the old version of these cables or new one? Does the type of cable affect audio/video quality? And the saga of questions about HDMI continues…Search the internet and you will come across the answer ...
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    Why is HDMI 2.1 Spearheading the HDMI Cable World?

    Looking to hook your DVD player, video game or new shiny HDTV? Connecting to HDMI is the only solution. But, with an array of HDMI cables differing in their length, speed, durability, utility, price, and resolutions, it often creates a confusion amon ...
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    A Step-by-Step Guide for Adding HDMI Ports to Desktops with HDMI Cards

    Have you ever tried to connect a video game console or an AV receiver to your HDTV? If so, you must be aware that you establish this connection using cords or wires. These cords are known as HDMI cables. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Int ...
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    A Guided Tour on HDMI Cables, Their Types, and Functionalities

    Walk into any home and you will find long, black cables that enable the audio and video devices to interact with each other. Known as High Definition Multimedia Interface – HDMI; these incredibly powerful electronic cables take your home/office ...
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    What Should You Consider Before Buying HDMI Cables?

    Watching videos has been a part of human civilization. The video viewing experience has been evolving since its invention. Today, we enjoy videos in high definition. However, it was not always like this. Before the high definition age, there were man ...
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    Know Everything About HDMI Technology

    The video and picture viewing expertise has improved over time. Since the start, analog signals have been the principle technology. Through the years, it evolved to both analog & digital signals together. Now the technology has finally paved its way ...
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    The HDMI Cables Dilemma: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

    In the year 2002, renowned electronic manufacturers like Sony, Philips, Toshiba and Hitachi introduced High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI­). For those who are unaware, it is an all-digital interface that carries video and audio signals and ...
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    How to Connect your TV with Android Devices?

    Data is a commodity nowadays and it’s available for free. Smallest of the devices such as smartphones provide data in the range of 16-128GB. The challenge lies in utilization of this data fully. The smaller screens remain a critical roadblock in co ...

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