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Power Cords

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    5 Unknown Facts About Power Cords Revealed!

    Power Cords – the most inevitable parts of any electrical equipment. If you search online, you will find several types of extension power cords and other cables that serve a specific purpose. The purpose behind the utility of these cords is depende ...
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    Your Classic Guide to Buying Power Cords for Your Needs

    Talk about the majorly used power cord types and you are sure to hear the names IEC and NEMA power cords. As you all know, NEMA – which stands for National Electrical Manufacturing Association is the body that is responsible for publishing internat ...
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    A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Power Extension Cord!

    Near, far, no matter where you are, an extension cord is an electrical cable that keeps you going and connected to your devices! The name extension itself depicts that it “extends” itself and provides you with electrical connection in the most ...
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    Power Cords : The Lungs of Our Electrical World

    We cannot separate electricity from our lives. Majority of our day-to-day activities are either contingent on machines or electricity. Electrical supply is inevitable for machines. An electrical appliance requires a means to stay connected with the ...
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    Everything You Need to Know About Nema Power Cords

    The plug and socket are something that we have used a million times in our lives. The plug and socket have been a historical discovery. Today we plug different types of electrical appliances in the socket easily without much risk. However, has it a ...
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    What are Power Cords? Which Cord Powers Your Computer?

    You just cannot take away the electrical oxygen we require for survival! All our major day to day activities either are contingent on machines or electricity or both. We need machines and machines need electricity. Electricity is the flow of electron ...
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    Introduction to the Type of Nema Cords Used for Lighting Fixtures

    For all those who are unaware, “NEMA” is an abbreviation of National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association. It is an an association of electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers and its mission is to build and and promote safe ele ...
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    A Safety Guide to Handling Power Cords

    Power cords are an inevitable part of our life. No matter where we go, we always find them around us. This is because they are used to connect and power different equipment, appliances, gadgets and electrical supply. As we often deal with power cords ...
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    What is the Difference between C13 and C15 Power Cords?

    There is an array of power cords available in the market. It can get quite perplexing to choose the one that will fit your needs. In order to know more about them, you must have more information about these cords. This article will acquaint you with ...
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    Safety Measures to Consider While Using Extension Power Cords

    Extension power cords are a part of our everyday life. They are utilized at homes and workplaces for a number of purposes like plugging in decorative lights, extra audio systems, space heaters etc. These cords are available in traditional stores as w ...

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