Choose from the Smart Gifts for the Batch of 2020

Graduation: a special day we all look forward to since the day we enter college. We all have worked hard for 4 years or maybe 5 years and waited for the big day to make our friends and family proud of our achievements.

But, this year, due to the pandemic many people were not able to attend as graduation means large gatherings. This might have made the batch of 2020 anxious and nervous about their future. Though many universities organized virtual graduation ceremonies, there will always be a void of not being able to attend it in person.

So, if you have a relative or friend who graduated this year but is going through some of the low times of life, then it's time to give them gifts, celebrate their graduation, and cheer them up.

Here we have designed a complete list of gifts you can gift that’ll help them become future-ready:

  1. Smart watches: 

    This is the era of technology, a time of being smart. We live in the new concept of smart homes and smart cities. Everything is turning smart. This advancement in technology has given birth to smart watches too.

    Give your friends smart watches that sync their mobile’s data and enable them to access it from anywhere without having to stay attached to a mobile phone. Smart watches are mini versions of computers or our mobile phones. It's like everything on your wrist -- all of your data. Once everything is synced, they get notifications directly on their watch, reply to messages and emails, check social media platforms, know details of weather conditions, answer a call, track their health, and much more.

  2. Smart home speaker:

    These are the current trends in every home today. We all have become used to saying “Hey Google,” “Hey Siri,” “Alexa, What's the weather today” for small menial tasks and updates.

    They have become part of our life and we rely heavily on them. From knowing the latest news to booking a cab or salon or playing endless music, smart home speaker is a perfect gift for anyone stepping into adulthood.

  3. Flash drive:

    Flash drives are our forever companion just like mobile phones. We are a generation of online streaming services but that does not mean that we’ll prefer downloading movies, music, pictures, etc. over it. The Internet is not the most reliable source sometimes and that’s where a flash drive with your favorite movies and TV series comes into the picture. flash drives are available in many different storage sizes and of various brands. Go online and search for the best flash drive in different storage capacities and shape [like Einstein’s figurine] and get them for your friends. It will be a perfect gift to store their memories and movies.

  4. Bluetooth speakers:

    Smart home speakers can be expensive but if your friend or relative loves living with background music than a Bluetooth speaker can also be a good gift choice. They are not helpful just to enjoy your favorite music at loud volume but also can be used to enjoy your favorite series.

    Yes! You can connect the speaker with your laptop and binge-watch your favorite series or movies and give yourself a feeling of home theatre.

  5. Wireless chargers:

    Every day there is something or the other new coming in the tech world. Just like wireless earphones we have wireless chargers. Almost all the new mobile phone companies are introducing wireless chargers for their phones. If your friend has a phone which supports wireless charging then trust me without a thought gift wrap a wireless charger for them.

    They are portable and easy to carry everywhere. One does not have to worry about managing cables and adapters separately.

  6. Power bank:

    Power banks: a pocket-friendly device that can come to your rescue when your battery is about to die. Never make the mistake of traveling without a USB power bank. When we travel it is not guaranteed when and where we will get charging points. And even if we get, we need to make sure that have the right plug for your brick. A USB power bank can save a lot of trouble for your friend or relative. Gift them one.

Final words:

Graduation is one of the best memories for all of us. It's about reflecting on our childhood and teenage and it’s about looking forward to a brighter future as well. The graduates of batch 2020 will never forget this year and their ceremony. So, make sure to give them special gifts and make them and their hard work for years feel valued, and prepare them for the future.

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