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A computer connector is a device that is used for connecting two devices and is part of the cord that is plugged into a port for connecting one device to another. Also known as I/O connectors (short for input output connectors) in IT world, they usually come with pins or plugs that are plugged into a socket for making connection.

These pins or plugs are usually fixed with the corresponding electric wires that form the cable. Connectors can be of many types, such as:

Monitor Connectors- HD15 15 pins in three rows ( used for PC's SVGA video cards and monitor cables) and DB15 15 pins in two rows ( used for MAC monitors).

Other PC/Mac connectors:-

Parallel/Printer Cable- CN36 (female, male), DB25 (female, male), HPCN36 male, MINIDIN- 8 (female) Serial Mac connector.

Serial Computer Cable- DB25 serial connector, DB9 serial connectors.

USB and Firewire Connectors- "i.Link" connector, "Firewire" connector, USB type "A" and type "B" connector, Mini USB and Mini USB 2.0 connector. Other connectors- S-Video connector, RCA connector or Standard stereo connector.

A computer adapter on the other hand is a device that enable one electronic or hardware interface to be modified (or made compatible) in to another electronic or hardware interface. In computers, the adapters usually take the form of a card that is slid in to a slot on the motherboard of the computer.

The information that is exchanged between the devices that the card supports and the microprocessor of the computer is then adapted by the card. Thus, with adapters, computers gain additional functionality or compatibility. For example, video adapter provides the computer the capability to display video on its monitor. Similarly network adapters are the network cards which allow computers to connect to a network. The peripherals of almost all PCs today use adapters to communicate, like: USB adapters for keyboards, printers etc., Display adapters for monitors, and network adapters for connecting to a network.

In today's era of advance technology and information science, where computers and similar devices have become the focal point for running any tool or machine, both computer connectors and adapters play an important role in making sure that these equipment work without unwanted intermissions. That is why while buying them, certain factors should be considered like availability, durability and adaptability.