In our day to day lives, we come across several cables that we use to connect different computers and peripheries. And if you follow us, you must be aware that with every article, we acquaint you with different cables, adapters, accessories and share information about them. Today, we will talk about DB9 Serial Cables and know about their types. So, we will begin with the introduction of DB9 cables.

What is DB9 Cable?

A DB9 cable consists of a 9-pin connector and you can use it for connecting computer peripheries like keyboards and mice. The name of this connector has come from its trapezoidal shape which looks like the letter "D". Its designers conceptualized in such a way that it can work with EIA/TIA 232 serial interface standard. During the initial years, DB9 ports were quite popular; but these days, USB and PS/2 interfaces have replaced these cables.

If you have known about these cables, you must also be aware that a lot of RJ network cables have replaced DB9 network cables. However, even after that, there are several devices which make extensive use of DB9 cables. Now that you have known what DB9 cables, let us understand about the most popularly sold types and their utilities.

12" DB9 Male to 2 Female Serial RS232 Splitter Cable

This 12 inches Male to Female serial RS232 Splitter Cable works perfectly for transferring signals from computer to mono monitor, scanner, DB9 serial mouse etc. As these connectors are fully molded, they offer you with impeccable connection each time.

1ft DB9 M/F 9C Serial Straight Thru Extension Cable

If you want to extend your current male to male cable, you can make use of this male to female cable. 1ft DB9 M/F 9C Serial Straight Thru Extension Cable is fully shielded and prevents RFI and EMI interference. It supports modems, mice, switch, serial printer, mono as well as multi-sync video applications.

6ft DB9 Female to 3.5mm Serial Cable

This is a generic serial cable for devices. It has a stereo 3.5 mm Jack to DB9-F serial port. You can use this cable when you want transfer serial data back and forth from small devices like mobile phones. Search online and you will come across several companies that offer these cables online at the most reasonable rates.

Points to Ponder Upon Before Buying DB9 Cables

  • You must remember that the compatibility between your cable and devices is very important. Hence, make sure you know your device in and out so that you can order for a DB9 serial cable accordingly.
  • As the first step, find out about the dimensions. Most of the mobiles you would need a 6 feet cable; but it depends on the mobile nature of your device.
  • Other factors you need to consider before buying DB9 Serial Cables are ease of utility and installation. Make sure that the cord is easy to install and provides you with a seamless experience.
  • Ensure that you buy from an authentic online company if you want high-quality products. Most of these companies will offer you with warranty on their products.

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