How a Flat Cable can Make your Work More Exciting?

"Who doesn't like a clean desktop? Especially when most of the computer accessories require separate cabling, cleanliness becomes a big issue. But not anymore! Thanks to flat cables"

Flat cables are usually about 1.2mm thick and can be perfectly hidden under carpets, behind furniture and easily stuck to walls. These cables help connect accessories without creating any messiness. One such flat cable is CAT6. CAT6 flat cables go well with all sorts of equipment that are usually used at the office or at home like network adapters, hubs, switches, routers, DSL/cable modems, patch panels and other computer networking applications.

A Category 6 flat cable or a CAT6 flat cable, as it is commonly called, is a great option so far as the patch cables are concerned. It's Cat6 Flat Cable
suitable for up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet at 250 MHz and can keep signals on different circuits or channels from interfering with each other. It is much better than CAT 5e cables which can handle only 1000 Mbps speeds (gigabit Ethernet) at 100 MHz and features less stringent specifications for crosstalk and system noise.

Besides, it's better to make sure that you buy the cables made of pure copper wires rather than aluminium wires coated with copper or CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium) wires. CCA wires have a property that weakens the intensity of the data being transmitted and thus lead to a slower network, especially when longer cables are used.

Another drawback of using a CCA wire is that it poses a lot of problems for the installers and causes additional expenses. These wires can break easily and can even cause the breakage of the whole cable. They are also less tolerant towards bend radius when twisted pair applications are concerned. Considering all these factors, flat cables are the best choice for networking cable. Thus, for a hassle-free network and neat workstation, choosing the right cables becomes an important decision. These cables not only help connect accessories effectively but are much more convenient to use.

They occupy comparatively lesser space and offer more networking feasibility. For all those who want to get rid of the usual messy-wired look at their workstations, it's time to try flat cords and experience a difference. CAT6 cable is one the best available choices and it will definitely improve your network efficiency.