Gigabit Internet: Installation and Benefits

Gigabit internet is great. If your business is internet heavy, now is time to make the shift. It will require preparation from your end before your internet service provider can install it for you.

It begins with your server room. Remove your server racks and clean them. And since these are delicate parts, you need to clean it with air. A pressure air cleaner will do the trick. Then since you are doing such elaborate exercise, audit everything. In case something is broken, you can replace it right there. Next, you need to take care of the cables.

Removing each component is a hassle in itself, so be careful with it. Make sure to label all the cables and components so when you put everything back, there is less chance of mistake.

After you have prepared your server room, the internet service providers can come in and do their part:

They have to first start with the utility room in your building where the internet enters from the street. They will check and change your wiring to fiber optic. Then they will plug in a singlemode duplex fiber optic patch cord and plug in a transceiver that can convert the light signals to copper signals. This is so that it can communicate with your router. Depending on the distance, the signals that fiber optic cable will carry will be laser or LED.

Once you do that, you have to change the cables of your own router. This will, of course, happen in your server room. Again, the wire coming into your router from the utility room will be a fiber optic cable, which you can connect with a singlemode duplex fibre optic patch cable for connections from your router to the server.

Once everything is set up, your ISP can configure your new settings, and you have your new gigabit internet.

During this upgrade, you can also choose to upgrade your usual Ethernet cables to Cat7 or Cat8, especially if your cables are older than Cat5e. Additionally, you should also upgrade your router to support newer Wi-Fi standards, which is Wi-Fi 6.

Since this is a significant investment, you should do it keeping the future in mind. And in such things like gadgets of any kind, buying with the purpose of how it will serve you long term is better.

What does this upgrade mean for your internet?

You will be able to get lightning fast speeds that means you can download movies in minutes, update operating systems in minutes, have crystal clear video conferences and more. But that’s all for average consumer usage.

From a more professional perspective, if you are someone who has a YouTube channel, gigabit internet can increase your upload speeds. If you are a gamer on YouTube, then this can help you sustain high quality gaming and live streaming simultaneously.

If you are a company that is getting into website and app development, this will change the way you work. Not only is gigabit internet fast, it can remain fast with multiple users.

If you are a start-up incubator or a coworking space, your clients will appreciate the speed and stability of this internet. Since both of these have a large number of users, gigabit internet gives the necessary headroom for them to carry out their internet dependent work smoothly.

In educational institutes, it means the faculty and students always have everything they need, inspite of having a huge number of users. In hospitals, it means the patients’ charts are always updated. At airports, it means smoother operations no matter how large the airport is.

Manufacturing plants can enable automation and join the fourth wave of the industrial revolution that is IIOT. Here, the speed and reliability means that machines can handle certain tasks that might be dangerous for humans. It means that cars don’t need to be hand painted, or that there is no need to have people chaperone in house loading trucks.

Gigabit internet is transforming the self-driving industry. What we thought was impossible only 10 years ago, is now a reality.

No matter what the situation is, better internet connectivity is always a good thing.

Wrapping up…

Now is as good a time as any to take the plunge and install gigabit internet. SF Cable stocks everything that you will need for this, from fiber optic patch cables, to the copper Ethernet cables like Cat 7 and Cat 8. Your ISP can do the entire installation for you, or if you understand network configuration, you can do certain parts yourself. Browse the store and let us know if we can assist you in your upgrade.