The holiday season in a pandemic is difficult, to say the least. We have to find joy in the smallest of things and among the many sized screens we spend time with.

September and October are famously known as Techtember and Techober, in light of the plethora of new gadgets that come out, from computers, to phones, to smart home devices and so much more! And these gadget launches are so placed because of the festival season that begins from Halloween.

There’s Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and they come with plenty of excuses to get ourselves and our loved ones some exciting gifts! Halloween is especially fun now that there are various ways to automate the scaries!

Setting up your smart home gadgets to scare people inside and outside of your house is the best way to enjoy this holiday! Let’s set up some scaries: 

  1. Automate your thermostat to blow cold air in just one spot at a particular time every hour. Casually ask your family members to go over to that area under some pretense and watch them freak out about cold drafts! You can slowly spin a scary tale around ghosts and they will definitely be scared.

  2. For the outside of the house, you can plug in an extension power cord into a smart plug to automate it. When kids in your area go out for Trick Or Treat, you can have the lights go on and off or even blink at a predetermined time. To make it scaries, sync your outdoor speakers to play some spooky sound to play along with the light blinks!

  3. If you have a robotic vacuum cleaner, you can most certainly set it up to run in circles near a “haunted spot” in the house.

  4. When you are decorating outdoors, verify that you are not using the indoor extension cords. Indoor extension cords lack proper insulation, which is required for outdoor extension cords from amperage ratings. So, use the outdoor extension cords for your decorations as they can be a durable option. You can easily find an extension cord for your outdoor space online.

There are so many other ways to set up your house for Halloween. With a little tinkering of automation ideas, you are set for a lot of fun! For things to work perfectly though, it is important to get the right hardware. So first figure out the kind of extension power cords you need, then the lights that will plug into them, and how long you need both to be. For example, IEC c13 power cords could be perfect for electrical equipment, including computers, instrument amplifiers, etc.

Thanksgiving and Christmas have a rather cozy and warm atmosphere to them. After all, you might have to play nice with your family if you have scared them over Halloween.

Your best bet is to gift your family the ability to connect remotely to you whenever they need. The best way to do that is a computer. A simple tablet is a great consumption and video calling device, but it is nothing like a full-blown computer for the home.

A computer generally comes in various parts, if you are looking to assemble a setup, you can pick from the different monitors available. If your parents need something with a bright and big display, then there are numerous options for that as well.

If you have a family member that would actually like to assemble a set up themselves, you can gift them a kit with all the right parts: a monitor, an ergonomic keyboard, a smooth mouse and most importantly, the right cables to connect various peripherals in the future. The first of that list is a iec c13 power cord to plug the monitor in. Then comes the HDMI cable, a few USB B to USB C cables, an AUX cable for wired speaker connections and so on.