There are tons of computer accessories out there in the market, but one of the most basic among them has to be a monitor cable. A monitor cable connects the computer's monitor to the CPU.

Types of Computer Monitor Cables

SFCable offers a wide selection of cables for computer monitors, including HDMI to DVI cables, VGA cables, and cable converters. For example:

  • VGA adaptors - Has 15 holes on one end and 15 pins on the other end, designed for the lower-quality display of a resolution of 640*480.
  • DVI cables - Has 24 pins on the end of the digital video signal and 4 on the analog end. Supports up to 2560*1600-pixel resolution. The DVI cable can directly transmit digital signals. This monitor cable is also able to increase image sharpness and detail. 

TIP: The number of pinholes on a cable determines the kind of cable to use. 

  • HDMI - Popular for its ability to carry sound as audio connectors. It has 19 pins holes.
  • Display port - There are three types:
  • Display port.2 which support a resolution of up to 3840*2160 with a 4k video.
  • Display port.3 which support 8k video at 30Hz refresh rate. 
  • Display 1.4 which support 8k video at 60HZ.

Some cable monitors are compatible with USB connectors. Though it is not usually the best in terms of quality visual as it offers low resolution, the USB connectors are the most affordable.

Connecting a Computer Monitor Cable

Connecting computer monitor cables is a very simple task. However, there are a few steps that you should note before connecting the cable.

  • Inspect your monitor and computer cable ports. Given that there are a variety of monitor cables. Ensure that the computer ports and the cable are compatible. 
  • First, plug the cable in on the monitor, then on the CPU.
  • If the power cable is already connected to the computer and the monitor, turn on both devices to see if the connection was successful.

For Mac users, the process is similar. They prefer to use the display port cables. This is because they can transmit to multiple monitors using only one cable.

Note: The VGA and DVI monitor cables have screws on each side end of the connectors. Once plugged in, remember to screw them in alternating directions to secure the cable.

The Price of Monitor Cables at SF Cable

When deciding which monitor cable to purchase, be sure to consider the number of display ports your monitor has. Businesses require professional grade cables. This may include high resolution, fast transfer speeds, and a wide array of cables for various monitor types.

Normally, most monitors have an HDMI port, and this is easy to connect to the computer. The price range is between $4.38 and $4.62. The analog video connector, the DVI, sells for $8.47. For those with an older PC, the VGA adaptor is ideal, priced at $14.47.  For Mac users, the mini display port goes for $6.37.


While connecting a monitor cable may seem quite basic, you should always consider their specific needs, and choose the appropriate cable.