5 Indications Tell You That It’s Time to Upgrade HDMI Cable

It’s a weekend eve. With a slice of pizza, you’re watching your favorite episode from ‘FRIENDS’ on television. Right before, the joey announces his ‘Next Big Hit’ acting debut, there comes an indication of ‘No-signal’ on TV. And we start adjusting our HDMI adapters and cable. Like any good web series lover, we love to watch our favorite characters on bigger screens. Nowadays, people do not rely on TV schedules. As long as they have Netflix, a TV, and an HDMI cable to connect a phone, their life is sorted.

But when suddenly cable ditches in such incidences, it becomes tricky to where to point the blame finger. As there are many cables, connected to devices, it’s not a guessing game of check and error whether which of the cable is not working. While HDMI cables don’t last forever, here are five indications which state that it’s high time to upgrade your HDMI cables.

1. New TV, But Not Cables

You’ve decided to buy a new HDR TV, but not with the new HDMI cable. Because you purchased them during the original run of the X-Files. But those old versioned cables may not suffice with the high-speed HDR signals from the new technology TVs.


You need a high-speed cable which is designed to handle the massive data required for HDR content. Just because an HDMI cable is certified for high speed, it doesn’t mean that it’s made well enough to send a 4K HDR signal. All you need to do is to upgrade your cables with the new ones.

2. You’re Unable to Track Cables

While you add a new streamer to stack, it becomes a total mess when there’s a clutter of cables behind. You swap out your cable box or upgrade your soundbar. You try to understand what’s there by pulling one of the cables hanging together. Chaos for every one of us.


The quick way to escape this is to stick little pieces of taps on cables with names to track. But the better and permanent solution is upgrading them with spotlight cables. They are based on LED technology which lights up to indicate where a cable is connected. You will need to press the LED button and it will blink on both ends.

3. You’ve Bought the Cheaper One

Although these are ‘just’ the cables, they play a key role behind every web series you enjoy through mobiles on big screens. But many times, people prefer buying relatively cheap options. But the truth is that there is a huge difference in terms of materials, lengths, life cycle and thickness.


You need to invest in a good quality cable as they are your behind the scene buddies. Even if there’s a dirt nest behind, investing in a good quality cable help you tame the mess. They just cost a few bucks more. This way, you will never need to spend another Saturday night solving the cable issues.

4. ‘No Signal’ Indication on TV

Whenever there’s a ‘No Signal’ indication on your TV screen, it is a dreadful task of troubleshooting it and get the problem solved. And sometimes it becomes next to impossible to track which of your device is causing an issue.


Test them. Swap the HDMI cables of another audio-visual system and see if they work. You will know that they are faulty if the previously working system fails to work with those cables. You can even use a new HDMI cable in the existing setup. You will easily get to know that the originals cables were expired if the current equipment begins to work properly.

5. Color Issues

Every HDMI cable has its own work life cycle. With the time passing by, you will experience little dots, mismatched colors or even discolorations on the screen. That indicates the early signs that your HDMI adapter or cable is about to expire.


In such cases, it is wise to upgrade your HDMI cable. Rather than just dragging your cable till it’s dead, upgrade them at earliest. While you already look to buy a new cable, try to invest in the good ones. You can browse through the new versions of cables available online easily and chose the one suitable for your devices.

Ready to Upgrade?

HDMI cables need to be maintained in a proper way. To ensure smooth working of your devices, it is important to upgrade your cables time-to-time. There’s a motto that you get, what you pay for. Whenever you opt for buying new cables, investment in a good quality product is a necessity. The major thing you need to make sure that, to look for the ones which are tested individually. SF cable offers efficient and quality HDMI cables as per your requirements. You can go to this link to find the cables you are looking for.