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computer power cable

  1. How to Keep Your Outdoor Extension Cords Dry?

    The spring is almost here and it’s again that time of the year when we all shall be sitting in our backyards, with a nice cup of coffee, group of friends and dim (yellow) lights till late night!

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  2. C13_vs_C15 power cords

    There is an array of power cords available in the market. It can get quite perplexing to choose the one that will fit your needs. In order to know more about them, you must have more information

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  3. Here’s Everything to Know About Nema & IEC Power Cords

    A power cord is one of those items which we often take for granted. Even at the time of buying them, we never pay attention to its small details. But the truth is that you need to pay attention

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  4. A Step by Step Guide to Installing a New Monitor to the Computer

    So, today is the day you decide to connect your computer and monitor. You take the monitor and monitor cable out of the box, go through the manual and the next thing you know; you’re sitting

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  5. Types of Monitor Cables: A Brief Guide

    As a part of this technological era, you must be familiar with the computer, especially the desktop computer. This computer was very popular before the invention of laptops. When you use desktop

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  6. SF Cable Offers Variety of Color Power and Extension Cords

    SF Cable, a premium cable retailer offering unbeatable prices, now stocks IEC320 C13 to NEMA 5-15P universal power cords in 6 different colors: black, blue, green, red and yellow. The

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  7. A Safety Guide to Handling Power Cords

    Power cords are an inevitable part of our life. No matter where we go, we always find them around us. This is because they are used to connect and power different equipment, appliances, gadgets

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  8. What are Power Cords? Which Cord Powers Your Computer?

    You just cannot take away the electrical oxygen we require for survival! All our major day to day activities either are contingent on machines or electricity or both. We need machines and machines

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  9. SF Cable Introduces New Line of Certified Hospital Grade Power Cords
  10. Around the World with IEC Plugs

    Wires and cables are a part of our life. There are a variety of cables and cords available in the market. They help keep our devices connected and connect us with the internet as well. There

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