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USB Adapters

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    Insights About USB C You Might Not Have!

    The world of USBs. Inevitably and essentially important to venture into if you want to use them. Sometimes, even though we use them, we do not have much knowledge about the type we should use and why. Whenever we go for buying USB adapters and cables ...
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    Will the Advent of Wireless Charging and Data Exchange Make USBs Extinct?

    “Listen baby, I'm sorry, just want to tell you don't worry, I will be late, don’t stay up and wait for me, I said again, you’re dropping out, my battery is low, Just so you know, we're going to a place nearby Gotta go!” Whenever I used ...
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    Five Types of USB Type-C Adapters You Must Know About

    USB, an industry standard, serves the same purpose for devices as the language for humans! Yes. It enables devices to communicate with each other through a port and a connector. After releasing its first revision as USB 1.1 in 1998, USB is now availa ...
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    Connectivity Propellers That Make Your Computers Work

    The human brain is connected to different organs like eyes, nose, ears, etc. through neurons. As the organs sense different activities, the message is further carried to the brain while the brain interprets these impulses and acts accordingly. The c ...
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    Know More About USB to Serial and Parallel Adapters

    Printers use many different types of adapters to ensure the best efficiency. Understanding of these devices is important so that we understand what we are using. Consumer will just have to push the Centronics end into the printer or other device's ...
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    Use of Connectors and Adapters

    Have you ever tried to get an older keyboard work with a newer computer? Or how about trying to connect one old monitor to a newly purchased computer? Remember that old hard drive you couldn't hook up because it was made for IDE and you only had SATA ...
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    USB to Serial Cable / Connector

    Put an end to all networking issues with a USB to Serial cable/converter. It is a simple, low-cost, hot-swappable adapter that facilitates easy transfer of data between various devices. USB TO SERIAL CABLE CONNECTOR Are you a server/network engin ...

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