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USB Cables

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    Insights About USB C You Might Not Have!

    The world of USBs. Inevitably and essentially important to venture into if you want to use them. Sometimes, even though we use them, we do not have much knowledge about the type we should use and why. Whenever we go for buying USB adapters and cables ...
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    Will the Advent of Wireless Charging and Data Exchange Make USBs Extinct?

    “Listen baby, I'm sorry, just want to tell you don't worry, I will be late, don’t stay up and wait for me, I said again, you’re dropping out, my battery is low, Just so you know, we're going to a place nearby Gotta go!” Whenever I used ...
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    Why is USB 3.2 is Better Than Its Previous Versions?

    Universal Serial Bus aka USB has recently launched its latest version. The third generation of USB was launched in 2011 with USB 3.0. Then after it has updated twice, first with USB 3.1 in 2014 and now the latest on with USB 3.2. A lot has changed th ...
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    The Future USB Cable: Lightning or USB Type C?

    We thrive in the era of wireless charging. We have cloud data backups. But, we still heavily rely upon USB cables for power and data management. Apple users went through transition many years ago. They left behind a flat, 30 pin dock connector to a ...
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    Understanding USB Cables & Their Types

    USB has a special design for the homogeneity of computer connection peripherals. USB has replaced the large variety of earlier interfaces of the likes of serial and parallel ports. Earlier, we used both these ports for supplying electricity and for ...
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    Connectivity Propellers That Make Your Computers Work

    The human brain is connected to different organs like eyes, nose, ears, etc. through neurons. As the organs sense different activities, the message is further carried to the brain while the brain interprets these impulses and acts accordingly. The c ...
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    How to Choose the Best USB Cables for Your Phone and Laptop Connections?

    Most of the contemporary gadgets have at least one USB connection port to facilitate various functions. It can be for making multi-purpose connections with other devices or just for charging the said machine. The quality of USB cables can affect the ...
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    Addressing Common Issues Pertaining USB to RS-232 Adapter Cables

    In the recent years, manufacturers have halted the production of computers with a RS-232 port which was quite common in old computers. Now the only way to connect RS-232 devices with computers is by using computer adapters which connect such device ...
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    All You Wanted to Know About USB Type C Cables

    When Apple unveiled its latest MacBook Pro, the authorities announced that the device would just use USB Type C port for transferring data and powering it. Since that day, USB Type C has gained popularity and has set an example for other USB cable ...
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    Use the latest USB 2.0 Cable for high speed data transfer

    An extension of USB 1.1, USB 2.0 is an external bus which is also referred to as Hi Speed USB that aids data transmission at a faster rate up to 480 Mbps. This USB specification is compatible with any USB devices, both of them using the same cable an ...

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