If you work around computers and other systems, you are sure to have heard the term Ethernet Cables. We often end up plugging these cables into a plug or a network equipment. This is known as an ethernet port. Today, instead of talking about cables, we will be talking about these sockets and how they connect a wired network hardware to Wide area networks or Ethernet Lan.

You must have observed Ethernet connections at the back of computers. Every router comes with different ethernet ports that can handle various devices through a single network. This also applies to network hardware like modems and hubs. Usually, an Ethernet Port accepts an Ethernet Cord which has an RJ-45 connector. In case you want to use internet without a wired network, you can go for a WIFI Connection.

The Anatomy of Ethernet Ports

You must have seen the ports of traditional telephone instruments. Well, Ethernet port look quite like them. It is just that they’re a little wider than these ports. And you can figure out the major difference when you are unable to fit Ethernet Cables into telephone jack. Take a look at the picture of Ethernet Port given below:

The Anatomy of Ethernet Ports

The network cable that goes inside the port has a clip at the bottom which keeps it affixed to the port.

Computer Ethernet Ports

Almost all PCs or desktops come with an Ethernet Port through which you can connect devices to the wired network. The built-in Ethernet port of a computer is connected with its Ethernet network adapter; also known as Ethernet Card, attached to the motherboard.

Even laptops have an Ethernet port enabling you to join it with a network without wireless capabilities. Well, a laptop like Macbook air would be an exception here as it does not have an Ethernet port. However, it enables you to connect the Ethernet dongle to the USB port.

Handling the Ethernet Port Problems

In case you are facing internet connection issues on your computer, the first thing you need to look at is your ethernet port. This is because, there are chances that it might be unplugged. At such times, your computer might show errors like “Your network cable is unplugged.” Sometimes, the network card can also become corrupt, outdated, or go missing. During such times, you can install a network driver using a free driver updater tool.

What Are the Use Cases of Ethernet Ports?

Here are some if the situations in which we come across Ethernet Ports:

Ethernet Ports in Routers

Most of the broadband routers make use of Ethernet ports. Through this set up, multiple wired computers that are in the network can connect with the internet and other devices that work with it. Sometimes, people use an uplink port – a type of Ethernet Jack for connecting to a broadband modem.

Ethernet Ports on Consumer Electronics

Several gadgets used for home networking including digital video recorders, video game consoles, new televisions etc. also come with Ethernet ports. The latest one being Google Chromecast for which you can buy an Ethernet adapter and use it without Wifi.

We hope that the above points have acquainted you enough with Ethernet Ports and their working. To make sure that the network keeps running smoothly, you just need to ensure that you by a right Ethernet Cord. There are several companies who offer Ethernet accessories of different types online. In case you are confused which one to buy for yourself, you can ask the professionals and they are sure to help you!