Linkskey IP-based KVM Link Extender (For Remote Management)


The Linkskey LKV-IOP08 is standalone remote power control or an accessory to provide remote power control capability for Linkskey IP-Based Remote Management devices1. LKV-IPM012 and Prima IP-Based KVM switches3 (LKV-9208IP and LKV-9216IP).

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LKV-IPM01 is an IP-based KVM Link Extender (KLE) for remote management (KVM Over IP). LKV-IPM01 is lightweight and compact in form factor, however LKV-IPM01 is a heavy-weight in functional versatility, rock-solid robustness, and formidable security. It supports full 1024-bit PKI authentication, 128-bit SSL data encryption, LDAP, as well as Active Directory authentication and RADIUS.

Cost-effective solution for remote server management scenarios
With the ubiquity of the DSL/Cable technology and the bandwidth availability therewith, the IP-based KVM technology has emerged as a dominant player in the new landscape of remote server management. Today, the IP-based KVM Extender has been regarded as a better and most cost-effective solution to address the critical issue of remote server management, which could only be partially tackled in the past by expensive yet redundant software solutions or Enterprise Management System. The LKV-IPM01 is a robust and versatile solution to address the needs of modern remote server management.

Total server control from BIOS level up anytime anywhere
LKV-IPM01 provides a total control of remote system. From preboot stage such as the BIOS-level (CMOS setting) up to the GUI applications and daily maintenance routines such as power cycling (power control unit required separately). All these remote management tasks could be nicely done on your admin desk using an ordinary web-browser management interface and a thin-client software viewer. For example, you can access your remote computer from a client machine by logging in the LKV-IPM01 and download the viewer program and get yourself connected to a whole bunch of servers in seconds. A truly anytime anywhere access for the server administrator!

Versatile backup connection featuring a PPP Server or PPP Client
To provide redundancy for critical situation, LKV-IPM01 allows an easy and convenient PPP connection over the dial-in modem phone line (external modem required separately). It could serve as a PPP server to accept a peer computer to make PPP connection request over either a direct cable connection or a dial-in modem phone line. On the other hand, LKV-IPM01 could also serve as a PPP client to dial-in to your ISP or enterprise PPP server to connect to internetwork. LKV-IPM01 features the PPP server/client to allow users to access your remote servers while your network is down.

Rock-solid stability and ultra-security yet with flexibility and convenience to use
The LKV-IPM01 distinguishes itself among its peer products not only in its rock-solid stability in durable performance, but also in its industry-standard security features such as full 1024-bit PKI Authentication and 128-bit SSL data encryption. Together with 3 levels of viewer connection security levels in combination with 3 types of password policies and three categories of user privileges, all these make LKV-IPM01 an ultra-secure machine with ultra-flexible device with a customized balance between data safety and user convenience. On the other hand, the robustness and the ease of maintenance of the embedded systems require no extra cost for the unit management and maintenance.

Advantages Galore
With LKV-IPM01, the server administrator can access enterprise server room or data center on his own seat without troubles of going anywhere. And organizations can enjoy a uniquely centralized and very cost-effective control over its critical servers in different branch offices and around the world. LKV-IPM01 is a time saving and money saving solution for remote management.

IP-based Remote Server Management Solution (KVM Over IP)
Supports TCP/IP Remote Connection
Supports Hi-Speed PPP Connection
Thin Remote client (Windows and Java)
Supports High Security with 1024-bit Public key and 128-bit SSL Encryption
Alarms and Notifications
User Management


Model LKV-IPM01
Remote Port 1 (Expandable with KVM switch)
Connectors Front:
1 x 6-pin Mini Din Female (For PS/2 Keyboard)
1 x 6-pin Mini Din Female (For PS/2 Mouse)
1 x RJ-12 Jack (For Console Management)
1 x HDB 15-pin Male (For System or KVM Console)
1 x HDB 15-pin Female (For Monitor)
1 x USB Type B Female (For System or KVM Console)
1 x RJ-45 Jack (For Network or Internet)
1 x RJ-12 Jack (For Modem or Power Control Device)
LEDs 1 x LINK, 1 x VIDEO, 1 x 10/100M, 1 x PWR
Ethernet Interface 10/100 BASE-T connection with auto-sensing
Remote Management interface Win32 viewer / JAVA viewer
Remote Management With any browser via Network or HTTPS secure connection
Security SSL, Encryption with 128-bit ephemeral keys and User authentication based on password and PKI certificates
Video Resolution up to 1280 x 1024
Keyboard emulation PS/2 and USB
Mouse emulation PS/2 and USB
Power Input External Power DC 12V 2A
Operation Temperature 0 to 50C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60C
Humidity 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Size Desktop
Housing Metal
Dimension (L x W x H) 160 x 115 x 25 mm
Safety / EMI Certification FCC, CE
Warranty 1 Year Limited


Package Contents
1 Linkskey KVM Link Extender
1 Utility CD-ROM
1 Quick Installation Guide
1 Power Adapter
1 Rackmount Kit with screws
1 Cable Set (Console Management cable, Modem serial cable, Power control cable, Power cord)
1 Slim KVM Combo Cable
Linkskey IP-based KVM Link Extender (For Remote Management)

Linkskey IP-based KVM Link Extender (For Remote Management)

1 Year