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Shipping Rate

Here is the step-by-step guide to understand how easily you can find out about the shipping rates before placing the order.

You can find shipping rates on three pages: 1) Shopping Cart, 2) Checkout Page and 3) Quick Order Page.

  • Enter your shipping address using the given fields on either of these three pages
  • If you are on Shopping Cart, you would see a button “Calculate Shipping Cost”
  • If you are on Checkout Page or Quick Order Page, you would have two options
  • If logged in: You would see the previous Shipping Address mentioned in the Shipping Address and automatically you would be able to see the shipping rates as applicable
  • If not logged in: Enter the Shipping Address and after you have entered the Zip Code, automatically the shipping rates will be added to the total amount to pay

Click the next button as “Place Order” or “Proceed to Checkout” as per the current page you are on.

Please note that these UPS & USPS rates are calculated as per the standard Courier rates based of the Weight of the Shipment.

Alternatively, check out this video to understand the flow.