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  • What are the Uses of Hospital Grade Power Cords

    Yet another day at a local hospital in this rural setting in and facing regular electricity cuts like usual, did not bother me much until a serious emergency case arrived in the hospital. It was a case of cardiac arrest and we required all medical equipment's fully functional then and there!

    Suddenly when we were not able to connect one of the ventilator wires, a newly joined ward boy suggested of using just another power cords to replace and make the equipment functional for the time being. I found the suggestion suitable bit, luckily the more experienced nurse stopped him doing the same and explained that it is very important to understand hospital Continue reading

  • Tips to Select the Best Monitor Power Adapter Cord for your PC

    What happens if in the middle of an important presentation you encounter a voltage fluctuation and your monitor turns off? Losing your cool even on the thought of it right? Relax and calm down as the introduction of monitor power adapter has brought solutions to such a situation making it easier for you. A monitor power adapter cord is manufactured to allow you to work in a flexible and efficient environment. There are various types of monitor power adapter cords of various lengths available in the market that will make the environment fit for your work. Continue reading

  • Use the latest USB 2.0 Cable for high speed data transfer

    USB Angled Cable USB Ethernet Cable USB Networking Data Cable USB Printer Cable

    An extension of USB 1.1, USB 2.0 is an external bus which is also referred to as Hi Speed USB that aids data transmission at a faster rate up to 480 Mbps. This USB specification is compatible with any USB devices, both of them using the same cable and connectors. It was a joint initiative of the top brands such as HP, Lucent, Philips and others to develop a higher data transfer rate than the specifications of USB 1.1 that hooks up with the increasing demand of bandwidth of the evolving technologies. The release of USB 2.0 was way back in 2000. Talking about USB 2.0 Male to Male cable, these are strictly designed for file transfer however, depending on the model of your television you could even play MP3 files. Continue reading

  • Know more about HD Mini Gender Changer Adapters

    Any adapter, connector or cable that is used to change female connectors to male connectors and vice versa is known as a gender changer. Be it connecting your television or projector to your desktop, the gender changer is designed to facilitate it without much effort. You don’t need to buy a separate cable for the separate genders. The purchase of a gender changer will do the work. It establishes compatibility among the two gender cables for easy data transmission.

    The HD15 Mini gender changer is a perfect coupling device that ensures strong connectivity irrespective of their different features. This gender hd 15 adaptercharger is extensively used for video applications across all devices. HD15 mini gender charger maintains a low profile that will fit into your pocket as well and you can travel anywhere with it. You can quickly change the gender or join the two cables together with this mini device. You can purchase it at an affordable price.

    This cost-effective gender changer will save you space and all the hassles that you might encounter with your cables. HD15 mini gender changer prevents the interference of the unwanted EMI/ RFI that is being caused by official equipment.

    So what will be the desired specifications for the perfect HD15 mini gender changer ?

    Insulated and fully shielded:  An un-shielded connector will attract the Electromagnetic signals or radio frequency signals present in the surrounding environment creating disturbance in transmission of data. Therefore before purchasing you should make sure that your mini gender changer is completely cushioned against these signals present in the environment.

    Nickel coated: Go through its specifications to ensure that the changer is coated with nickel. Apart from adding fancy to the product, the nickel plating provides resistant from corrosion, and protects the cable from wearing off due to frequent use.

    Warranty: It is advisable to purchase the product from reputed brands as they will generally provide a lifetime warranty on the product. The changer is replaced by the manufacturing brand if found faulty.

    Weight: Generally these changers have a weight of around .02 lb which comes as handy.

    Cost: These are basic changers that will save you the cost of buying two different changers that is going to solve your purpose.

    Portability: These mini changers fits in everywhere so you can move with them anywhere you need be it office or a cafe.

    Save yourself from the squabbles and get these mini cables to hitch together two existing connectors.

  • The Best High Speed Networking Cable for your House

    Connect your Ethernet, telephone services, computer networking and security systems with the help of Category 6 or Cat6 Snagless patch cable. This one standard is compatible across most categories of other cable standards that include Cat 5, 5E and 3. With feasible transmission frequencies of up to 550 MHz, the Cat 6 cable has the potential of voice and data transmission up to a speed of 155 mega bits per second. Used for carrying the cabling infrastructure networks of an Ethernet of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T, the Cat6 Snagless patch cable comes with tight technical specifications made for other purposes as well including cross-talk and system noise.

    Constructed out of large 23 gauge copper, it has four twisted copper wire pairs while the earlier Cat5 used copper wires of 24 gauges. A largeCAT6 patch cable number implies a smaller wire when it comes to wire gauges.  Terminals constructed of RJ-45 electrical connectors, the Cat6 cable segment is maximum 220 meters long.

    A repeater is generally installed for long distance data transmission to avoid glitches and snags. Systems running over Cat6 cabling will encounter few errors due to its faster and enhanced transmission performance with high quality immunity from peripheral noise. Cat6 Networking Patch Cables will handle bandwidth intensive applications up to 550 Mhz and beyond.

    Installation of CAT6 Snagless Patch Cable

    Splitting is a difficult task when it comes to installation of Cat 6 cable as the conductors are entwined more tightly than any of its earlier categories. Apart from this one feature, everything else is similar to the installation of Cat6 cables.

    You will be provided with the panels and jacks with chiselled teeth that will aid you in separating the conductors apart in pairs for a hassle free installation of your Cat6 cable. It is advisable to take a while in going through the instruction and install the CAT6 cable avoiding hurting your fingers.

    The Future of Cat 6 Snagless Patch Cable

    Technical experts are of the opinion that Cat 6 cables will overpower the usage of CAT 5E cables in the days ahead. The fact that CAT6 cables are compatible with its earlier standards specifically with the CAT5, as it holds a wider scope of usability.

    This CAT6 Snagless cable upgrades your whole system functioning like when you remove that one blockage in your plumbing channel that ultimately provides with an increased flow. The data transmission hence becomes more fluid and effortless with its incorporation.

  • What are DB9 Serial Cable and how to select the right one ?

    Straight through serial cable is needed to hook up a DTE device to a DCE device. This is known as straight through cable as the TXD-RXD and RTS-CTS pins are not intersected in this case. The examples of DCE devices are modems and printers while the in-built serial port in a PC is an example of a DCE device. When it comes to buy a DB9 Serial Straight through Cable it is always advisable go for a reputed name manufacturing the highest quality cables in the world.

    So what are the features that you might consider while replacing your old worn out cable with serial cables of high standard? Let us look into few.

    • Know your devices well to understand the right wiring configuration of your serial straight cable for the proper usage.  The compatibility DB9 cableof your devices and cable should be of prime importance.
    • You should look in for a DB9 serial cable that optimizes the transmission of your data.
    • Look for the correct dimensions as per your requirement. 6 feet is the normal requirement. However, depending on the mobile nature of your device you can opt for a long one.
    • Installation and ease of usage is another factor of consideration while buying the DB9 cable. The chord should be easy to install giving you a hassle free experience of usage.
    • Keep an eye on the conductor. The one with a copper conductor will serve your purpose the best.
    • There is a series of serial straight cable with male-female as also with female- female pins to connect to the proper devices. You can get one of it that will serve your requirement.
    • The reputations of the manufacturing company also need to be considered while purchasing a high quality cable providing excellent services. There are many esteemed companies available in the market. A reputed company will provide warranty to the products. Warranty is imperative as these cables with frequent usage tend to wear off soon.

    Hence the above pointers will allow you to buy the right cable as per your requirement. Prior to your purchase do make thorough research on the web and an analysis of your needs to spend your bucks on the right one. While purchasing study the user manual to know what you are spending on.

  • The Cell phone and Tablet Accessories you can't live without them

    mobile case Mobile Adapters Data Cablebluetooth speaker Cell phones and tablets form an integral part of our lives, these are gadgets that we can't simply live without, they are part and parcel of us we do business with them, they entertain us. They make life convenient. Cell phones and tablets come with accessories which are either bought together as a package or sold separately. Below is a list of cell phone or tablets accessories:

    MOBILE ADAPTERS :- A mobile adapter is a very essential accessory which comes with your cell phone or tablet. It is used for recharging your cell phone or tablet. Due to its mobile nature, you simply plug it in a source of power and connect it to your cell phone or tablet for re-charging. They come also with different power cords which can be used from different power sources for instance some can be used in a vehicle while on the move.

    MOBILE DATA CABLES :- Cell phones and tablets carry a lot of data which includes personal information, photos, music, videos, contacts etc which we treasure. This thereby brings in the need to transfer this data to our other devices or share data with other people, this is where mobile data cables come in. They usually come with a USB cord which can be slotted in on major devices such as the computer or external Hard Disk Drive. Mobile data cables can also be used in re-charging your cell phone or tablet while connected to computers. They are quite mobile thus can be carried anywhere with ease.

    MOBILE CASES :- The mobile nature of cell phones and tablets makes them prone to accidental falls which may lead to breakages or permanent damage for your gadget. A mobile case greatly minimizes or completely eliminates the damage that would have otherwise happen. Not only does a mobile case protect your cell phone or tablet from damage but it also enhances the look of these gadgets because they come in different colors and designs.

    BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS :- Bluetooth speakers are mainly used for entertainment purposes i.e listen to music. They incorporate a modern technology whereby one can listen to music from his cell phone or tablet without the need to connect it with a physical wire/cord to these speakers, all you need is an application on your phone which connects your cell phone or tablet with these speakers wirelessly. The sound quality on Bluetooth speakers is much better and of excellent clarity as compared to speakers on your cell phone or tablet.

    In a nutshell we can say that cell phones / tablets go hand in hand with the above accessories i.e once you have one you will surely need the other!!

  • Know More About DB9 Null Modem Adapter and Connectors ?

    cables and connectors

    What do you need to know about the DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile ?

    DB9 is a 9 pin connector, commonly used for connecting computers and peripheries, such as mice and keyboards. Nowadays, it has mostly been replaced by modern interfaces like USB or PS/2 interfaces. And DB9 network cables have been largely replaced by RJ network cables. However, there are still many devices out there that use a DB9 cable, and this is where the DB9 null modem cable is useful for you.

    What is a null modem cable? Is it different to a straight through ?

    Yes! A null modem cable will generally have two male ends, while a straight through cable will have one female and one male. It's not a concrete rule though. Different gendered connectors do exist, but in for the most part, this is the easiest way to tell whether your network cable is a null Modem Cablemodem cable, or a straight through cable. Some older network cables may be marked with NM -short for null modem cable. This can also be an easy way to tell what you are dealing with.

    When is the DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile useful ?

    The DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile is perfect if you have DB9 cables that not wired as null modem cables, but would like them to become null modem cables. Just plug the two female ends into your DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile, to easily create a Null Modem cable connection.

    Alternatively, the DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile is perfect in a situation where you find yourself with a too short cable to get the job done. Just plug your female DB9 cable ends into the DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile, and you will immediately have a much longer and easier to work with DB9 cable.

    The DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile has a very high level of manufacturing quality. Feedback to the DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile has been that it is a very high quality product that works exactly as intended. Many who have bought the DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile say that they would definitely recommend it to colleagues or friends who are in the same position.

    The DB9 F/F Null Modem Mini Type Low Profile is also fully shielded against all electromagnetic interference. The molding technology used in its manufacture fully protects against all EMI/RFI.   Highly recommended !!!

  • Benefits of Having AWG Universal Power Cord and its Uses

    The AWG Universal Power Cord contains features that come by design. Some of these features are the cable design which allows maximum durability and a long life for the cable through any device used. It provides the power that is needed and sufficient enough for the device and keeps the cable at a safe status.

    The AWG Universal Power Cord can also be used as a power extension cable easily without any problems. All you have to do is plug it in and Power Cordextend with fitting the cables together. It makes a very good safe extension cable and is long enough to be sufficient for no uses of other extension cables.

    By having this cable it allows you to replace your misplaced and overused power cable by getting extra cords to put your mind at ease. It is also for the convenience of the electricity use and it is very good for a backup power cord and as a replacement for your old power cords.

    The voltage rating for this cable is 125V with an amperage rating of 10A. It has been tested for duration with results: DVW Test: 1500 VAC and 1 Second. The operating temperature of this cable is 140F (60C) as well as a storage temperature range of -4 to 140F (-20 to 60C).

    The cable is in a good shape with guaranteed working capability and functionality to deliverance of good electricity circuits with clear and safe connectivity. It is considered one of the best cables for a very good price on the market and is acceptable and recommended as a replacement power cord cable or as an extension cable for all your devices.

    If you're looking for this powerful, universal, good and long power cord cable that works on most of your devices (PC's, monitors, scanners, printers), or as an extension cable for all of these devices, you can get all of this for a very good affordable price.

    The AWG Universal Power Cord provides all of these features with its safe and powerful structure and professional design to ensure lifetime service. This 3 pin shroud power connector cord cable is amazing and recommended with all it has to offer for its low price. So what are you waiting for? Buy right now to ensure your devices are safe through the power cord cable and a long lifetime for your devices power supply and cable.

  • Know More About DB9 TO Serial RS232 Splitter Cables

    Splitter Cables

    A DB9 female to 2 male serial RS 232 splitter cable is a small device that enables two separate coaxial cables to operate from a single outlet or cable source which is of similar type. They are mostly used only where there is a single wall outlet for a cable signal. This includes being used to connect a computer to the modem, mouse keyboards and scanner for example. They are mostly used for computers. The following are the specifications, uses and benefits of a DB9 female to 2 male serial splitter cable:


    • It has a gauge of 28 AWG.
    • It is 1ft long.
    • 1 DB9 female to 2 DB9 male connectors.
    • Pin-to-pin wiring for all nine lines for compatibility.
    • EMI/RFI protection by the foil shielding and molded connectors.
    • Type long thumbscrew to enable easy and quick connection.
    • It has 9 conductors plus a drain wire.
    • Has a lifetime warranty.


    • Used in homes for multiple connection for example to connect the audiovisual gears such as televisions and satellite dishes and also to standardize connection of computer.
    • In cyber since it standardizes the connection of computers to the mouse, monitor, scanner, modem to mention but a few.
    • Used during public shows to connect many televisions so as to display similar images and sounds.
    • Used for conferences and workshops.
    • Used in the entertainment industries for example in movies so as to be able to display similar images and videos.


    Splitters cable1


    • Unlike other splitter cables, DB9 female to 2 male serial RS232 splitter cables have a durable construction thus enabling them to last longer and saving users money.
    • They have high compatibility. They are compatible to all computer accessories and even video camcorders.
    • They have connection points that are very strong thus being able to withstand anything.
    • Improves performance as it has built-in signal boosters thus ensuring best audio and video quality.
    • Enables high speed of data transfer.
    • It magnifies and duplicates signals.
    • It is movable and has a compatible size and thus reduces the mess of having many wires on the floor. For example it can be used to connect speakers to computer and to the mp3 player at the same time.

    It’s able to transmit both audio and video signals from one source point to another, making all the multiple screens to be viewed in a single show. DB9 female to 2 male serial RS232 splitter cables are the best in the market. Lets all make an informed decision by choosing to buy a reliable splitter cable.

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