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  • Few Aspects about CAT 5E Cables You May Be Unaware of

    CAT 5E Cable is the successor of CAT5 cable and predecessor of CAT6 cable. CAT5E ethernet cables are mostly used for multi-line phone systems and networks. They are also used for plugging a computer or laptop into a modem for carrying internet connections. They have a maximum frequency of 100 MHz and are capable of transmitting up to 10/100/1000Mbps data. You might be aware of the uses of these networking cables. However, having some more details about these cables will help you understand its utility better. Take a look at some other aspects that you probably didn’t know about.

    CAT 5E Cables are commonly unshielded

    5E cables are commonly unshielded but are also available with shielding. When it comes to noise rejection, they depend on the balanced line twisted pair design and differential signaling.

    Length of cable segment

    The length of the cable can change but the maximum length that it can have is 100 meters per TIA/EIA 568-5-A. Just in case you go for a length that is more than the one mentioned here, you might have to use a switch to make sure there are no issues with the connection.


    Crosstalk is a major aspect that sets Cat5 and CAT5E cables apart. The latest cables are better in quality as new specifications have been added to them. However, even CAT5 cables could pass for ‘e’ standard if they were certified accordingly.

    Insulation, Conductors and Twist Length

    CAT5E Ethernet cables are insulated using PVC or LSOH material. These conductors have a standard between 22 American Wire Gauge (AWG) and 24 AWG. They cannot be thinner than these standards.

    Available in multiple colours

    As CAT5E cables can be obtained in different colours, it becomes easy to recognize the utility of each connector. This stands true especially for companies with huge IT infrastructures as they do not have much time for troubleshooting. So the network person that installs these cables can arrange them according to the functionality. For eg. Blue cables for making connections and red cables for access points.

    If you want to network different electronic devices, CAT5E Ethernet cables would be the right choice. They are also unparalleled when it comes to strength and durability. But before buying these, make sure you research about all kinds of ethernet cables. You must also know your purpose behind using these cables well so that there are no issues at a later stage.

  • Factors to Consider before Buying Shielded or Unshielded Ethernet Cables

    Digital Signal Processing is the process of transmission and production of data that takes place without any interference. This process asks for an Ethernet Cable. Most of the wired networks of today including routers, PCs and switches use Ethernet cables for the smooth transmission of data. These Ethernet Cables are of two types – Shielded and Unshielded. They are also known as STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) and UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair). The question that arises next is - which one out of the two you should buy? To find this out, make sure you know about the environment you need Ethernet cables for.

    One of the major reasons behind networks slowing down is - voltage interference. Hence, you must make sure that the electrical line intersects with low voltage communication cable at 90 degrees.

    Given below are some other factors you should consider before buying shielded or unshielded Ethernet cables.

    Alien CrossTalk

    The antenna of Ethernet cables are like the cross-section. During the times of high frequency signal transmission, Alien CrossTalk (AXT) creates major hindrances. To avoid this, you need to know what is causing interference - the near end crosstalk or the foreign interference. Once you find that out, you can decide which cable to use for installation. In order to curb the effects of ATX, one should choose a shielded cable. Even if the shields are electrically bonded, robust grounding is must. Natural grounding can be enabled by appropriate couplers and jacks.

    Choosing cables for places with heavy machinery

    When it comes to choosing the Ethernet cable for healthcare facilities or places where heavy machinery is used, Cat 6a STP should be preferred over Cat 6a UTP. Cat 6a STP comes with a shield that keeps the radio frequency interference away from the twisted pair.

    Installation time for UTP and STP

    There is no need to discriminate between the two shielded cables on the basis of installation time required. STP’s latest version comes with easy to set up die cast jacks and thus it doesn’t ask for prolonged steps of installation. However, you must keep in mind that you will take some time to detach the general shield from the cable. If you choose UTP, you will take time to test the AXT process. Installing STP, on the other hand, won’t take long.

    Cost Consideration

    A shielded Ethernet cable would definitely cost you more than UTP. But considering factors like less testing time and superior quality performance, it may be totally worth buying it. After all, time is money.

    Keep the future upgrades in mind

    The field of communication technology is always evolving. Hence, you must make sure that you don’t need to upgrade the cables time and again. Make sure you utilize transmission cables that surpass the current transmission rate of 10 GB/s. Keeping these factors in mind, STP is always a better choice.

    Bonding process for STP

    It is believed that installing shielded cables asks for a more robust grounding and bonding process. This might be a myth. STP, just like other cables requires the same kind of grounding provided its shield is attached to the patch panel. The quality of signal that is received at the end of transmission is dependent on the quality of data that is fed to it.

    So now you know the difference between Shielded and Unshielded cables. While buying Ethernet Cables, keep the above points in mind and you will never have network hindrances. You can also ask the installation experts to guide you in case of any confusion.

  • International Power Cord Regulations That You Must Know About

    When you undertake installation of your devices with power cords, you must have observed in the specification sheet that one part of the cord is approved and another isn’t. This might lead you to wonder as to why is it so? Well, it can be a bit tricky to understand international approvals of cords. Let’s obtain a detailed understanding behind the process of approvals and regulations.

    Approvals in parts

    Every power cord that you come across is approved in its parts and not as a whole. Its connector, wire and plug are approved differently. Although the IEC standard connectors are used all over the world, the standards of their approval change from one country to another. This authorization depends on the agency they are being approved by. For eg, in China and Argentina, the whole cord set is approved instead of its parts.

    IEC Regulations

    The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) based in Geneva, is an association that establishes international standards for the electronic, electrical, and other similar technologies. Before IEC standards are established, a consensus is carried out wherein the experts from different countries participate. As mentioned above, the IEC connectors are used all over the world and hence even if the approval agencies are different, they must follow the regulations laid by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)

    Ratings based on the current capacity

    The IEC 60799 5.2.2 states that “The rated current of the plug shall be not less than the rated current of the connector.” It means that the connector shouldn’t have a rating higher than the attached plug. Due to this reason, the international power cords of today have no approval on the IEC-320-C19 side of the cord. For eg, The highest rating a UK plug can have is 13A and if its C19 connector is rated 16A, IEC will not approve the connector as its rating is high. The same applies to countries like Denmark, Switzerland, Australia and Argentina. The plugs available in these countries have ratings lesser than their connector. Looking into their specification sheet, you will see that the power cords will show “NONE” on the C19 column of approval.

    Changing international standards

    Different ratings are applicable on different chords in different countries. IEC C13 power cords are given approval by UL (Underwriters Laboratory) upto 15A in North America. But if you carry IEC C13 to Europe, it won’t be an approved standard because it is only approved till 10A. Same holds true for IEC C19 power cords. It is approved up to 20A in North America and if you take it to other countries, it wouldn’t be considered an approved standard.

    The standards set by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) differ notably. IEC standards state the minimum safety requirement for a device, whereas, UL specifies the technical details pertaining to application and product safety. We hope that this gives you a little understanding about the standards set for power cords. Keep reading this blog for more!

  • Some FAQs About HDMI Technology Answered

    HDMI, also known as High Definition Multimedia Interface is an advanced technology that is used for transmitting digital data between two digital devices. This technology was developed by leading electronics manufacturers like Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony etc. Ever since it was introduced, it has become quite popular. Its latest version, 2.0, was introduced in September 2013.

    If you are new to HDMI Cables or HDMi adapters, and want to know more about it, take a look at some frequently asked question and their answers. These will give you more insights about HDMI cables and their working.

    What is the purpose of HDMI technology?

    HDMI technology is mostly utilized to transmit multichannel audio and high definition video data between two digital devices. This process of transmission takes place through a single cable. You will be able to find HDMI technology in all the latest electronic equipment including AV receivers, personal computers, set top boxes and camcorders.

    How does it work?

    An HDMI cable utilizes the Transition Minimized Differential Signaling (TMDS) technology for transmitting data between two digital devices. It also takes care of the fact that the data doesn’t get compromised when it gets transferred from one device to another. Due to HDMI cables, there is no need to convert data for making it compatible. And as no conversion takes place, images and videos look exactly like they should without the quality getting affected.

    What Is It Compatible With?

    Since HDMI is an updated version of DVI (Digital Visual Interface), it is compatible with DVI for video only. HDMI and DVI use similar digital signals. So there is no need to convert anything while connecting the two devices. Also there is no compromise with data quality when you use an adaptor. HDMI being the most dynamic technology, it will never have major issues related to compatibility.

    Does HDMI have competitors?

    Displayport is one of the primary competitors of HDMI technology. It is a digital display interface which was developed by Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA). It is not compatible with HDMI in anyway and also doesn’t work with any equipment supported by HDMI technology. So DisplayPort cables won’t work with HDMI equipment.

    Can HDMI Cables Cope with 4K?

    When you buy an HDMI cable, make sure that it is High Speed rated and has 3D and 4K internet sharing capacity. Long cables might have issues maintaining functionality under certain circumstances. This is because long cables have high electrical resistance and it lowers the available bandwidth. In case you’re using long cables, you would need high quality cables for the bandwidth to be maintained.

    HDMI has become the most accepted and universal standard of connecting HD devices. It has been embraced by people because of its potential to change with evolving technologies, user-friendliness. It also offers High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

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    As part of its wide array of network products, SF Cable, Inc. is introducing high-quality products suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Industry professionals and residents looking to protect their indoor and outdoor patch cables from harsh environmental conditions such as dust and water can look into the company's inventory of industrial panel mount bulkhead couplers and keystone jacks.

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  • Use the latest USB 2.0 Cable for high speed data transfer

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  • Know more about HD Mini Gender Changer Adapters

    Any adapter, connector or cable that is used to change female connectors to male connectors and vice versa is known as a gender changer. Be it connecting your television or projector to your desktop, the gender changer is designed to facilitate it without much effort. You don’t need to buy a separate cable for the separate genders. The purchase of a gender changer will do the work. It establishes compatibility among the two gender cables for easy data transmission.

    The HD15 Mini gender changer is a perfect coupling device that ensures strong connectivity irrespective of their different features. This gender charger is extensively used for video applications across all devices. HD15 mini gender charger maintains a low profile that will fit into your pocket as well and you can travel anywhere with it. You can quickly change the gender or join the two cables together with this mini device. You can purchase it at an affordable price.

    hd 15 adapter

    This cost-effective gender changer will save you space and all the hassles that you might encounter with your cables. HD15 mini gender changer prevents the interference of the unwanted EMI/ RFI that is being caused by official equipment.

    So what will be the desired specifications for the perfect HD15 mini gender changer ?

    Insulated and fully shielded:  An un-shielded connector will attract the Electromagnetic signals or radio frequency signals present in the surrounding environment creating disturbance in transmission of data. Therefore before purchasing you should make sure that your mini gender changer is completely cushioned against these signals present in the environment.

    Nickel coated: Go through its specifications to ensure that the changer is coated with nickel. Apart from adding fancy to the product, the nickel plating provides resistant from corrosion, and protects the cable from wearing off due to frequent use.

    Warranty: It is advisable to purchase the product from reputed brands as they will generally provide a lifetime warranty on the product. The changer is replaced by the manufacturing brand if found faulty.

    Weight: Generally these changers have a weight of around .02 lb which comes as handy.

    Cost: These are basic changers that will save you the cost of buying two different changers that is going to solve your purpose.

    Portability: These mini changers fits in everywhere so you can move with them anywhere you need be it office or a cafe.

    Save yourself from the squabbles and get these mini cables to hitch together two existing connectors.

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