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  1. types of usb cables

    Types of USB Cables

    Micro USB cable connectors are the smallest in the Universal Serial Bus group. Just like mini USB cables, they are also used with cell phones and are most common in digital cameras. They are

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  2. Understanding USB A and Micro-USB Connectors

    The  USB cable, no matter what type, makes our world go around. Pretty much all of our daily use devices can be charged by it. So learn a thing or two about two USB connectors in this article.

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  3. Essentials of the Cable Drawer

    Essentials of the Cable Drawer

    The wireless future is a little more in the future as of now; getting there will still require a few more cables and adapters.
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  4. USB Hub: Connecting All the Cables

    USB hubs come in various configurations. To pick the right one, you need to figure out all the ports you will need, whether you need something lightweight and portable or something that will

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  5. Resurrect the iPod with USB Adapters and Keep the Music Alive

    iPod will always be the gadget that single-handedly disrupted multiple industries, and it is no longer in production. If you have an old one around, you should dust it off and jam to music the

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  6. Top 3 USB Hubs for All Your Gadgets

    Here is how you can use USB hugs for all your gadgets and create the workstation of your dreams!

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  7. A Dive Into the Story of USB-C

    USB-C is gaining popularity. Almost every modern smartphone and laptop has this port. Here’s a post that gives all the information you need to know about USB-C. 

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  8. 3 Must-have Cables in Your Everyday Cable Toolkit

    The one cable that everyone knows is a USB cable. You unplug your phone from the charging brick and plug it into the laptop to keep it charging while you transfer files. It's so common that most

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  9. Apple and the Tale of Its Special Cables

    Apple has given us incredible machines. From the first ever ‘Hello world’ to their latest beast of a machine, the Mac Pro, the technology has been magnificent. With the evolution in computers,

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  10. USB Keystone Jack: Power Bricks are Slightly Less Important Now

    Going into 2020, the wireless dream is alive and thriving. Qi wireless chargers have been around for a while now and we have successfully ditched the cord. Almost. But even the wireless chargers

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