4 Ways to Declutter Computer Cable Mess

I have a love-hate relationship with my workstation setup. Most of the time, I love how I can finish the majority of my work from home and have fun at the same time. The only time I start cursing it is when there is a messy amalgamation of different cords, including my phone charger, laptop charger, USB hubs, headphones, and a few other cords, including power cords under the desk.

So, over time these are some of the basic yet smart hacks that I try for keeping these cords and the workstation organized.

    • Wire Organizer Can be A Quick Fix

We all need a power strip when it comes to setting up your workstation. However, it is the place where most of the cables get messed up. The simplest way to manage this is by having a cable management box. You need to make sure the size of your surge protector, and based on that you can either make a purchase or make your own version of cable management box out of a spare shoe box.

If you decide to DIY the cable management box, you need to pick a shoe box and cut holes on both sides. This is how the power strip’s cable and cables of connected plugs can be easily managed. You can also browse cable management boxes and accessories that can help you manage your cables for better options.

    • Identify Unused Cables 

It may sound too much, but it is always a good idea to categorize your cables. For example, there are many cables that you might need sometimes but not constantly. There is your phone charger that is not always plugged in. Still, if it is lying on the desk it will add up to the clutter, and might create a mess with other wires. So, the best case scenario is that you arrange these cables into categories. 

You can use cable clips organizer that help you keep these cables organized. That’s an ideal way to manage your power cords, headphone cables, charging cables, etc. that you use around your desk regularly. Other cables like the ones you use to connect the other monitors, your phone chargers, etc. can be in another bundle that you don’t use often. 

    • Label the Cables

When you have the entire workstation with you, it is easy to have your cables mixed up together. That’s when labeling your cables comes into the picture. When you label your cables, you will stop unplugging your laptop when you actually want to unplug your printer. It can be a task in the beginning, but once you are done, you will feel like your life is sorted.

    • Store Cables Separately

You can use a hanging shoe rack, or leftover toilet paper rolls to store your cables when you are not using them. You can keep your charging cables together, power cords or connectors separately. This will ensure you do not end up having a mess of cables, and will also keep your cables organized. 

While there are other ways available as well, it is important to keep an eye out for possible fire hazards. Make sure you don’t run cables under a carper, or don’t bend consumer cables too tightly. Keeping yourself and the work station safe is the foremost important thing before anything else. Happy decluttering!

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