Faster, stable, more secure, and capable. 

Just the right adjectives to describe Ethernet cables when compared with Wi-fi technology. There’s no doubt that Wi-Fi technologies are becoming stronger, but in terms of range, stability, and performance, I will always vouch for Ethernet cables. All you need is a good router, network card, and Ethernet cables for great performance even from hundreds of feet from a router. 

When you are building a network system or just need a short Ethernet cable to start your remote job right away. There are a few generations available to choose from. And it is not about having the best but the right cables to enjoy a stable connection. Today, we have got you some of the most interesting Ethernet cables that might be helpful for you. Let’s dive in!

Cat6 Cables

For a fast-networking experience up to 10Gbps, Cat6 cables can be your pick for cables up to 200ft.  With great shielding against noise and crosstalk, it ensures a quality connection, especially when running your cable along with many other cables or electromagnetic interference from other devices. If you are looking to buy Cat6 Cables, SF Cable can be your one-stop solution for water-based, shielded cables for your system.

Cat6A Cables

Cat6A maintains a bandwidth of a maximum of 500 MHz, which is double the bandwidth of Cat6. They can also maintain 10Gbps data rates at distances up to 100 meters. In the architecture, too, it has additional insulation around its copper wires. This can reduce crosstalk between separate data cables. With shielded Cat6A cables, you can also push these advancements further. Almost 40-50% heavier and thicker than Cta6, you get more capacity technically with Cat6A cables, making them more suitable for more demanding applications.

Cat 7 Cables

These are slightly different from the usual category of Ethernet cable. Similar to Cat6A but with a bandwidth of 600 MHz and maximum 100 meters. If you want or need to buy a Cat7 cable, this option from SF cable is a perfect pick. 

Cat 8 Cables

It enables up to 40 Gbps bandwidth over your network, more than anyone’s local networking hardware’s capabilities. It offers more throughput than any other Ethernet cable with some best shielding capabilities. Made with a higher-grade internal wire, it also has individual wire insulation and foil wrapping.

It also has a stronger PVC coating on the outside, making it waterproof and suitable for outdoor use and burial. So, it can be a great option for any network-connected outdoor device like security cameras.

Dos and Don’ts while Installing Ethernet Cables:

  1. If your data network cables get crossed, they need to be kept at a 90-degree angle to avoid any interference in the network.
  2. When you run the cable in the ceiling or wall, make sure it doesn’t touch the ceiling tiles. Also make sure the cable does not run over electrical conduit, any pipes, or a spot where it is unsafe and may not pass inspection.
  3. It is always recommended to run any data able beneath the floor.
  4. Having cables in separate colors is convenient to keep your lines organized.
  5. Linked cables or cables that are bound too tightly are difficult to troubleshoot. They can have a negative effect on the network and reduce the quality of the cable.
  6. It is always a smart move to label the cable aspect for their placement. 
  7. Having too many cables in the data center may create excess heat which is not good for the racks as they need to stay cool.
  8. Use a safe bundling device to organize the patch cabling between racks.
  9. Create a simple map layout of cable locations that serve as a quick reference for locating cables for repair or replacement. 
  10. Ensure not to leave wires exposed by terminations because it can run the risk of damaging the wire inside the termination or breaking inside the plug.
  11. Try to invest in pre-connectorized cables because it makes it easier for plug-and-play installation and provides the exact required assembly. 

There is no doubt that Ethernet technology is one of the best data transmission connections. They are not only ideal for corporate spaces but also offer tremendous support to start network organizations. If you are also looking for cables for your space, explore a wide range from here: