Cables form an important part of the electronic mechanism

Cables are part and parcel of all working in the mechanical industry. You should buy something that is durable and important and that can be used in the long run. The cable industry is dynamic and ever growing, with newer products being introduced in the market. Here is a list of products which is the best in the industry and is also the best selling ones in the market. They are :iec-c13-power-cord, iec-c7-power-cords, IEC-C5-Power-Cords.

Now what does IEC Power Cord mean ?

This is a term has been used to describe the common name of a power cord and connector that is used in consumer electronics. The standard measurement and design for the IEC connectors are defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission. This IEC

power cord

connector uses two or three conductor cables depending on the component. An important benefit of the IEC connectors is that they are interchangeable between different products and components.

IEC connectors are commonly used as power cords for computers, receivers, sub-woofers and other consumer electronics and components. Detachable connectors are usually accomplished using the connection of electronic equipment to the AC power supply.

The alternative of "hard-wiring" equipment to the building makes services and movements of equipment more costly and less convenient. There are many types of connectors in the market. Do not get confused and choose your products wisely.

Connectors are often manufactured in different proportions for various uses in different voltages in order to prevent equipment designed for one voltage. Applying a voltage higher or lower than the voltage the equipment is designed for, can be damaging to the equipment and may present a fire hazard.

Almost all computer equipment have a detachable power cord and wire. The end of the cord that plugs into the equipment is an IEC standard connector. The IEC 60320 C13 / 14 connector type is used on almost all personal computers and monitors.

It has a rating of 10 amps and the female connector end is termed as the C13 while the male connector end is noted as C14. The IEC 60320 C19 / 20 connectors are rated for 16 amps. They have a female connector end (C19) and a male connector end (C20). C19 / 20 connectors are mostly used for devices such as servers and UPS systems.