CAT 5E Cable is the successor of CAT5 cable and predecessor of CAT6 cable. CAT5E ethernet cables are mostly used for multi-line phone systems and networks. They are also used for plugging a computer or laptop into a modem for carrying internet connections. They have a maximum frequency of 100 MHz and are capable of transmitting up to 10/100/1000Mbps data. You might be aware of the uses of these networking cables. However, having some more details about these cables will help you understand its utility better. Take a look at some other aspects that you probably didn’t know about.

CAT 5E Cables are commonly unshielded

5E cables are commonly unshielded but are also available with shielding. When it comes to noise rejection, they depend on the balanced line twisted pair design and differential signaling.

Length of cable segment

The length of the cable can change but the maximum length that it can have is 100 meters per TIA/EIA 568-5-A. Just in case you go for a length that is more than the one mentioned here, you might have to use a switch to make sure there are no issues with the connection.


Crosstalk is a major aspect that sets Cat5 and CAT5E cables apart. The latest cables are better in quality as new specifications have been added to them. However, even CAT5 cables could pass for ‘e’ standard if they were certified accordingly.

Insulation, Conductors and Twist Length

CAT5E Ethernet cables are insulated using PVC or LSOH material. These conductors have a standard between 22 American Wire Gauge (AWG) and 24 AWG. They cannot be thinner than these standards.

Available in multiple colours

As CAT5E cables can be obtained in different colours, it becomes easy to recognize the utility of each connector. This stands true especially for companies with huge IT infrastructures as they do not have much time for troubleshooting. So the network person that installs these cables can arrange them according to the functionality. For eg. Blue cables for making connections and red cables for access points.

If you want to network different electronic devices, CAT5E Ethernet cables would be the right choice. They are also unparalleled when it comes to strength and durability. But before buying these, make sure you research about all kinds of ethernet cables. You must also know your purpose behind using these cables well so that there are no issues at a later stage.