The Best High Speed Networking Cable for your House

Connect your Ethernet, telephone services, computer networking and security systems with the help of Category 6 or Cat6 Snagless patch cable. This one standard is compatible across most categories of other cable standards that include Cat 5, 5E and 3. With feasible transmission frequencies of up to 550 MHz, the Cat 6 cable has the potential of voice and data transmission up to a speed of 155 mega bits per second. Used for carrying the cabling infrastructure networks of an Ethernet of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T, the Cat6 Snagless patch cable comes with tight technical specifications made for other purposes as well including cross-talk and system noise.

CAT6 patch cable

Constructed out of large 23 gauge copper, it has four twisted copper wire pairs while the earlier Cat5 used copper wires of 24 gauges. A large number implies a smaller wire when it comes to wire gauges.  Terminals constructed of RJ-45 electrical connectors, the Cat6 cable segment is maximum 220 meters long.

A repeater is generally installed for long distance data transmission to avoid glitches and snags. Systems running over Cat6 cabling will encounter few errors due to its faster and enhanced transmission performance with high quality immunity from peripheral noise. Cat6 Networking Patch Cables will handle bandwidth intensive applications up to 550 Mhz and beyond.

Installation of CAT6 Snagless Patch Cable

Splitting is a difficult task when it comes to installation of Cat 6 cable as the conductors are entwined more tightly than any of its earlier categories. Apart from this one feature, everything else is similar to the installation of Cat6 cables.

You will be provided with the panels and jacks with chiselled teeth that will aid you in separating the conductors apart in pairs for a hassle free installation of your Cat6 cable. It is advisable to take a while in going through the instruction and install the CAT6 high speed networking cable avoiding hurting your fingers.

The Future of Cat 6 Snagless Patch Cable

Technical experts are of the opinion that Cat 6 cables will overpower the usage of CAT 5E cables in the days ahead. The fact that CAT6 cables are compatible with its earlier standards specifically with the CAT5, as it holds a wider scope of usability.

This CAT6 Snagless cable upgrades your whole system functioning like when you remove that one blockage in your plumbing channel that ultimately provides with an increased flow. The data transmission hence becomes more fluid and effortless with its incorporation.