When you are planning for travel, electronic gadgets need a proper planning as well. And when doing so, it is important to stock up right power plug adapters in order to save power. And there are almost 12 types of power sockets in-use universally. Because of this, users tends it get confused while selecting the power plug adapters.

To get over this issue, here are six tips to help you buying the right one:

Only Modifies Plugs, Not Voltages

When you are buying power plug adapter, make sure it converts the layout of the pins on your charger or appliance, not the voltage coming from the power socket. It is important to consider this as in American, Caribbean and other countries, the main voltage is 220-240 volts. So, if your gear can not handle the voltage change, end result would harm the device. As most portable electronics have a small sticker with the voltage range they can handle. if it doesn’t go up to 240 volts, it is time for you to take a voltage converter.

Note: If you are travelling to Europe, consider buying special european plug adapters which not only converts the layout but the voltage as well. This is because most of the european appliances run on high-voltage.

Size Matters

There are many shapes and sizes of power plug adapters. Starting from small and simple single-region adapters to larger versions that engulf most of countries. While you choose the convenient devices for your travel, its extra size may cause hurdles. Firstly, they might fall out of socket, if there is any weight on them. Secondly, their width might block the socket beside them. Hence, it is wise to choose the smallest adapter, or may be a set of adapters. Single region ones are cheaper as well.

Consider Three Pins Plugs

It is common among some adapters that they have sockets only for two-pin North American Plugs. But if you use a MacBook, power strip, or other devices with round pin, it won’t fit in that kind of adapter. Before buying an adapter, make sure that you decide what you intend to plug in. Or may be simply buy a three-pin version by avoiding the problem.

Consider Buying it from Official Stores

Sometimes we do not prioritize the criticality of travel essentials. And because of that, we end up forgetting adapters and buying them from airports. Airports are one of the most expensive places to buy travel accessories, food, drinks, internet access and almost everything else. Hence, it is wise to plan your travel in advance and buy travel adapters from official stores. Not only for cost management but also for better product. At stores, you would have options of exact products you need with a chance to test them.

Keep Single Product

If you are planning to travel with family, friends carrying a bunch of gadgets and appliances, buying individual adapters could be an expensive choice. Instead of that, you could but a travel power strip which serves the purpose.

If it is not necessary to convert their voltages, you can plug all of your chargers into the power strip, that strip into the travel adapter into the switchboard. This approach would help you save money, some extra space in your bag, and scarcity of having power sockets while travelling.

You Could Consider USB Travel

There are several companies who make compact two to four socket USB travel adapters which will let you charge multiple devices from the same wall socket. It is only if your electronics can charge via USB.

There are other products which have clip-on plugs which lets you use them in a number of countries. You could simply charge phones, tablets, kindles, portable batteries, and other electronic devices as well.

Extra Tip

Before buying a power plug adapter for your use, it is important to check the adapter’s maximum power output for individual sockets and the adapter as well. And iPads and recent smartphones need more juice than older phones and devices. That’s why look for 2.4 amps from each socket if you wish to plan to plug high powered gadgets.