8 Ingenious Hacks to Hide Every Cable in Your Room

Does your passion for gadgets have covered you in a clutter of cords? Whenever there comes a new appliance in the market, we get an impulse to buy. But what about all the untidiness it may create with the cables? Although cables are an important component for devices, managing them in an organized manner without any damage can be a little tricky. To help you out with this, we have gathered smart hacks described below to hide each and every cable safely. And to make your home look spick and span at the same time.

  1. Hook Cables at the Back of Furniture

    This hack works best with hanging TV or ethernet cables. What you need to do is, fix all the cables at the back of the nearest piece of furniture. Use cord clips at the back edges of furniture. Press the clip on the surface for a while. And after an hour, hook in one or more cords as per choice. And you’re done. There will be a clean sight of a console without any tangles of cables. It is also possible to hide charging cords and cables at a desk the same way.

  2. Hide Wires In a Basket

    This is one of the easiest and quick ways to hide cords altogether. All you need to do is, take a basket, decorate it with colorful ribbons or papers of your choice, and place it under the console. The next step is to find out a Hook and Loop tie to string all the cords together and make a bundle of them. That’s it. You can create as many bundles of cords as required to keep them organized in the basket. Additionally, categorize the cords for well-organized storage.

  3. Zip Tie Cords

    Management of cords depends on the type of console. If there is a console which is of large size, many of the people need to manage all the cords underneath it. This might get even messier. Since, all the cords, power extension boards would be visible together down there. The solution is, to zip-tie the cords together. The next task is to hunt the house for a multiple prong electrical outlets that would whether mount to the wall or plugged directly into the socket.

  4. Wrap Cords with Jute Rope Extension

    Along with hiding the cords, this hack adds a style element to the room. If you do not want to go through the hassle of hiding and zipping cords with hooks, zips, and clips, take a jute rope. Tie it around network cables, TV cables, or Lamp cables and keep the cords as it is. Its natural color and texture will blend easily to other elements from the room.

  5. Utilize Docking

    Creating your own docking station is one of the best things to avoid multiple charging cables. When there are multiple devices available on the desk and need charging, this can lead to an abundance of charging cables. Therefore, the docking station is a handy solution. First, take cardboards and create a square box wherein you can keep all the devices together. Put a multi-cable holder with devices and a docking station is ready. It will make the charging process easier without any need for extra cords.

  6. Adopt the Labeling

    When you bought bulk network cables, it becomes confusing to identify a particular cable. To get over this dilemma, labeling helps. Prepare labels with particular names for each cable. For example, ‘TV cable’, ‘Wi-Fi Cable’ etc. This helps to identify the right cable and prevents you from turning off the TV when you meant to unplug a Wi-Fi.

  7. Conceal Router in a Storage Box

    A router is a device that contains a maximum number of wires. When you conceal them with a storage box, you can organize the router and its cords together in a decorative way. What you need to do is to buy or make a DIY decorative storage box. Make sure that there is a hole behind the box that easily passes all the cables to the plugs. Place router and cords inside it and it’s done.

  8. Tissue Roll Cord Holder

    Don’t throw out used tissue roll in the trash. You can utilize these empty tissue rolls to manage cords individually. If you have bulk network cables, this is the perfect hack to keep them organized. Place the cables inside the tissue holder, and use decorative washi tape. It keeps the rolls look cute in the space.

Cable management is an essential thing to create a clean work environment. At the same time, it helps cables or wires to maintain their functionality. Which hacks are you using to manage your cables in a safe way? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Bonus Tip: Before you start, make sure that you unplug all appliances to do a quick sweep to remove any dust bunnies that may have built a residence in wire pile.