What Kind of HDMI Cables one Should Buy?

Are HDMI cables any better than DVI cables? Are expensive HDMI cables better than the regular ones or is it just a hype? How do these work and what type would suit your HDTV or laptop? If these questions bother you, you are not alone. Many people are often confused as to what works with their electronics and whether spending on the hi-fi HDMI splitters and cables even worth it. Whether gaming or watching a movie on your HDTV, it's clear that if your cable is not proper then the video on your Television screen might appear hazy, disrupted or even frozen at times. A proper cable that transfers digital signal is a must.

Now, firstly if you are wondering if there is any difference between HDMI cables and DVI cables, let's discuss. Both DVI and HDMI transfer DVI- D Cabledigital signals and are similar in terms of picture quality. The difference is that DVI do not support audio and needs a special DVI to HDMI connector for it to work. Besides, DVI does not support HDCP encryption by default which means you won't be able to play your favorite Blu-ray player through it.

Now it's established that HDMI cable beats the other digital cables but is there a difference amongst two HDMI cables? To tell you the truth, there isn't as such any difference among differently priced cables. The difference only can be due to the length of the cable which can pose a problem. Otherwise spending huge amounts on these cables isn't justified.

If at all an HDMI is better than the other, it could be due to various additional features to it. For example, HDMI splitters, which split a signal into multiple channels and hence give the output on multiple screens is one such fun factor.

HDMI HDTV cableSo, now if you are being trusted upon with those expensive HDMI digital AV cables don't fall for the marketing tactics. They'll tell you that they are the best fit for your HDTVs, play stations and projectors. But the fact is that HDMI digital AV cables are same as any HDMI cables. All HDMI cables transfer both audio and video signals. These work well with your I-pads and other apple products too.

Now that you are sorted, simply plug in your play station to your HDTV and enjoy a game or two of DOTA. Or better still, with the help of HDMI splitters connect two screens two your play station and battle with your friends with each of you enjoying enough space to move around while killing the opponents. All this, in lesser amounts spent on the over hyped connectors and cables. Happy Gaming!