SF Cable announced today that it now offers extension C13 to C14 cords in 6 different colors for quick and easy identification.

Commonly referred to as IEC jumper cords or IEC extension cords, C13 to C14 cables are amongst the most popular power cords in the world. Today, SF CABLE is pleased to announce the world’s first and only truly universal C13 to C14 power cords that can be used worldwide with ratings and certifications for USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and many other countries. C13 to C14 cables are rated to handle up to 250 volts of current. They are available in 10amp, 13amp and 15amp ratings and SFCable offers cables with more country certifications than any others in the industry.

IEC C13 to C14 power cords are most commonly used in desktop computers, computer monitors, printer extension cords, power distribution unit power cords and game systems including the Xbox 360 and the “fat” model Playstation 3.

Why are SF CABLE products better than everyone else’s? SF Cable literally provides the smallest and lowest profile C14 plug and C13 receptacle molds in the world. This is beneficial for installation in tight areas and allows superior air flow in higher temperature or crowded environments. C13 and C14 plugs come in a variety of orientations including straight, right-angle and left-angle making any installation a breeze.

All C13 to C14 power cords have been certified to comply with RoHS2 and REACH standards including the latest REACH standard which checks for over 132 controlled substances.

Power cords are offered in six different colors with lengths that range from 3, 6 and 10 foot versions in 10amp and 15amp ratings. Orientation options include multiple plug/receptacle angles, low profile connector molds and multiple wire gauges. These options allow users to produce the cleanest, clearest and most optimized installation experience that makes maintenance and identification easy. This prevents accidental disconnections when unplugging cords by differentiating between power paths.

See the selection of C13 C14 power cords stocked by SF Cable here: http://www.sfcable.com/search.html?q=c13+to+c14#/?filter.type=Extension%20Cable&page=1

SF Cable also stocks 3 ft and 6 ft C13 C14 power cords in 6 different colors: black, white, blue, green, red and yellow. http://www.sfcable.com/search.html?q=P7ME250

Note: When using our C13 to C14 power cords with other manufacturer’s devices or connectors, we recommend the IEC “SecureSleeve” products to go with the cords to ensure optimal fit and retention force;

For availability on IEC SecureSleeve products please visit: http://www.sfcable.com/SF-C14-SS.html

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