In the current times, when our lives have become busier and the hours shorter it's unlikely we'd spend hours waiting for trivial things like charging our phones. But not doing so is not an option either when our whole lives revolve around our smartphones and laptops. So a solution like a portable power bank is ideal. But what kind of power bank is ideal for you, that you need to consider as well. there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while buying an ideal power bank for your gadgets.

Types of Power Banks Available: There are various types of portable power banks in the market today in terms of compatibility, cell

Power banks 2

quality, battery specifications and functions. One needs to figure out the use for which he/she wants a power bank.

Battery Capacity: Battery Capacity is measured in mAh or Milliampere Hours. A portable power bank with battery capacity 8400 mAh for example would store twice the energy than the one with 4200 mAh capacity. Get the maximum mAh that you can get which would obviously be better.

After all if you are using something like an iPhone 5S, a mere 8400 mAh would not suffice. And of course if more than one device depends upon your power bank, you need more mAh.

Battery Type: Quality of the battery used is another important point needed to be kept in mind. Depending upon the quality of the battery use, power banks have a varied range in terms of prices. Lithium-Polymer batteries are expensive than the Lithium-Ion ones.

That's why the portable banks with the latter are cheaper. And a poor quality battery can actually explode. Which, of course you don't want. So it's advisable to go for quality before price for safety concerns.

Charging Ports: There are many power banks that come with additional ports which makes charging multiple devices at the same time. But you need to make sure that the total output current of the portable power bank is sufficient enough for you to charge multiple devices simultaneously with ease.

These are the main things that you need to keep in mind when buying a portable power bank. These points are considered, keeping in mind the quality, safety and reliability of the power bank. In addition the design and the after sales services can be checked if you are satisfied with all the above points.

"Then all you need is a fully charged power bank and off you go with your business"