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Printers use many different types of adapters to ensure the best efficiency. Understanding of these devices is important so that we understand what we are using. Consumer will just have to push the Centronics end into the printer or other device's parallel port and secure it by locking the device's bent-wire thumb clips. One has to plug the USB end into an open port in the computer.

USB to Serial Adapters :

Most printers use a parallel but specialty printers such as receipt printers. These printers connect via a RS-232C serial port. These 9 pin ports normally function and operate more slowly than parallel ports. These devices support a two way communication. To connect this device , one has to link to the computer or cash register and obtain an adapter called a USB-to-Serial adapter. This USB-to-serial adapter turns a USB port

printer cable

into 9 pin serial port.

USB to Parallel Adapters

Now let us understand what is USB to parallel adapters is USB-to-parallel adapters are printer connection cables that have a normal and printer cablestandard rectangular USB plug. This is at one end and on the other end there is a plug. Most USB adapters come with built in drivers thus allowing the consumer to use the adapter on the plug-and-play basis. The computer then automatically recognizes the adapter after plugging it in and turning on the computer.

Know the difference between USB to parallel adapters

Information flows in 1 or both directions. An unidirectional adapter is similar to an old adapter port. These can send data from the computer to any parallel device but it cannot receive data. Many bidirectional adapters open up a two way communication channel. There are many benefits that bidirectional adapters have

  • They can transfer information such as ink or toner levels from the printer to the computer. Thus these adapters make it possible for the consumer to use external drives.
  • They can also use scanners and parallel port devices for the computer. Buy the best adapters in the markets which will not only last long but also give you the best results.
  • They can be found in any computer hardware store or any can be ordered online. Choose wisely and carefully so that you don’t end up with a faulty adapter.