Why Ethernet Cables are here to stay?

Back in the days when there was no WIFI, we were so fascinated with how a single cable connection could let you surf and access online data. As time passed by, we have cut down a lot on the cables. With a single Wi-Fi connection, we can access the internet from anywhere in our homes. All we need for that is good internet speed. But, when it is down, you cannot do anything but wait for the error-free connection (including adjusting our modem wiring).

Think about Ethernet cables. They might be old fashioned but when it comes to internet speed Ethernet cables gives you plenty of reasons to adopt them into your system.

WIFI (Wireless Connection) vs Ethernet Cables (Wired Connection)

There’s nothing like a WIFI connection. It changed our lives. Gave us the flexibility to consume data from anywhere with internet-enabled devices. In our homes, offices, cafe, restaurants. In short, everywhere. It’s now a part of our everyday lives.

Having said that there are a lot of benefits in using ethernet cables over a wireless connection. One might say that they are life-changing. We know it means losing your internet flexibility but let’s admit that Wi-Fi connections are not always pleasant. Sometimes they crash out of nowhere and sometimes we agonize over the ever-circulating buffer sign. The experience dulls down when you have thick walls or metal things around the house. These objects can throw off the signal which comes from your router. There is an entire industry selling devices which can help in curbing this issue.

Wireless connections are prone to signal drops and high latency. So, you will be just fine if your use includes browsing and documentation. But if you are an avid gamer, then things won’t look so bright. In such cases, ethernet cables are the answer.

When you connect an ethernet cable to your hardware, it will multiply your connection speed by two or three. Wireless connection speed is always going to be slower.

When Ethernet Cables are Applicable?

There are times when it makes no sense to use ethernet cables. For example, when you are just messing on a web browser, watching YouTube videos, WIFI would serve you just fine. Even when you are watching Netflix in the default configuration, your WIFI connection would serve you best. But when 4K streaming becomes an everyday thing, using a wired connection would make more sense.

The same goes for downloading large files, gaming, environment, video calls, mass surfing.

Why don't more devices support it?

For sure WIFI is a great alternative for people. Because the streaming sticks usually don’t come with ethernet ports. You usually get it in $10 or $15 or so. But then people think that WIFI is good enough. They won’t bother.

Benefits of Ethernet Cables:


The maximum speed of a Wi-Fi connection is 866.7 Mb/s. This is actually pretty fast, but wired Ethernet connections with Cat6 cables offer up to 10 Gb/s.


It is the delay which occurs when signals travel back and forth from your wireless device. It tends to be much lower when using an Ethernet cable.

While Wi-Fi is susceptible to countless environmental factors, walls and floors easily block radio waves. Even the atmosphere can cause problems.


You can rely on an Ethernet cable connection. Once you set it up you will hardly get any issues. On the other hand, WIFI is susceptible to interference. It leads to signal loss.


It is easy for hackers to hack your WIFI connection. Even if you have the most secure system, someone could easily crack the password and use it. With a wired connection, unless a person connects an ethernet cable physically to their hardware, they cannot have access.

Plus, with WIFI, the data is in the air. So, if you use an open network, anybody can intercept all the data you send and receive easily. It includes personal details and logins. Most WIFI networks do have secured interface but its strength depends on the method of your security.


Ethernet cables like Cat6 cables consume less energy than WIFI connections, helping you lower save on energy.

Which one to pick?

  • For those wanting a connection for everyday use, can adequately configure WIFI router.
  • For gamers, depending on WIFI connection is not ideal.
  • Wireless routers also contain Ethernet ports. Hence, you can configure devices individually without any issues.
  • For users wanting to stream HD videos without any issue, will see better performance with an Ethernet connection.

Will the upcoming era of 5G internet takeover ethernet?

The 5G revolution is slowly approaching us. It would be much faster than the current connection. It is available in some of the major cities in USA. And not in all the neighborhoods. So, it is going to be a long while before 5G will become a default source of internet. And even after reaching to the masses, there is no evidence that it will make wired internet connections obsolete.

Hence, it is best to stick to old school ethernet cables to leverage high-speed internet every time!