“Listen baby, I'm sorry, just want to tell you don't worry,
I will be late, don’t stay up and wait for me,
I said again, you’re dropping out, my battery is low,
Just so you know, we're going to a place nearby
Gotta go!”

Whenever I used to hear lyrics of the song “The Call” from the Backstreet boys, I used to chuckle over the agonies that the absence of USB cables and chargers could bring for couples that want to keep connected 24/7 (Or not? 😉 😉). Forget the charger and their world of relationship comes tumbling down! These struggles didn’t last long though.

The market witnessed the advent of wireless data charging and transfer equipment. Many have started embracing these wireless inventions but they are still skeptical as to whether or not they will replace USBs in the future.

Well, just so that you know, the USB Adapters and cables are here to stay. And no, they do not seem to be getting extinct in the near future. Although some wireless chargers have replaced the traditional USB cables, USB continues to provide support to some extended use modes. A superior quality USB design offers several utilities including standard connectivity, internal connectivity, power delivery, helps with recovery process, manufacturing etc.

Now, let us understand how USB Cables help with the above-mentioned utilities in detail:

Standard Connectivity

Wired USBs are still popular for the performance and reliability they provide. And hence, they are still the first choice amongst the users when it comes to connecting their device to the host machine. So, whether one wants to indulge into mass data transfer or think device backup, USBs are a must.

Internal Connectivity

When it comes to finding a unified and reliable version of connecting different chip building blocks, USBs are always the first choice. Bluetooth systems, radio chips, and WIFI also need USB cables when they want to establish swift and seamless connectivity with other processing engines. People often make use of USB 3.0 cables when it comes to establishing the aforementioned connectivity.

Recovery Process

You are sure to have witnessed times when your device turned into a brick. At such times, several experts recommend connecting the USB powered cradle to the computer and running a software app. To be able to do so, utility of a USB cable becomes inevitable.


Let’s talk about IoT devices. Would it be possible to connect different devices amongst themselves and implement production testing without USB cables? The answer is, a plain and simple no. It becomes imperative to have a hard-wired connection when you want to manage production firmware loading, testing and debugging.

Power Delivery

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if the trend of wireless charging continues and grows at an exponential rate. Although wireless charging proves to be more convenient, it does have flaws and creates a lot of performance issues. Some wireless devices also make the charging slow due to which USB C emerges as a winner. This latest USB standard comes with a lot of perks when you want to charge your devices and make it really fast.

Let’s talk about USB C

The USB C has a unique design and comes with two different modes. One, Audio Adapter Accessory Mode and Two, the Alternate Mode. The Audio Adapter Accessory Mode supports the analog headsets that release analog audio signals. And the Alternate Mode transmits alternate data protocol amongst the host as well as the peripheral devices. It also supports different software including Windows 10, Linux, Windows Mobile and other supporting hardware.

Apart from these utilities, USB C with DisplayPort use mode has other use cases.

We hope these use cases were depictive enough of the fact that although the wireless trend is here, it is in no way jeopardizing the future of USB adapters and cables. Good news folks! USB is here to stay for many more years. Although, you must ensure that you buy these cables from an authentic online resource.

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