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    DB9 Cables, Their Types, and Working Simplified!

    In our day to day lives, we come across several cables that we use to connect different computers and peripheries. And if you follow us, you must be aware that with every article, we acquaint you with different cables, adapters, accessories and s ...
  • 06


    Know What Makes Fiber Optic Cables Future Proof?

    Internet connectivity over an optical cord has become a precious standard for fast and high-quality data transmission. This technology is relatively new. This new nature of it can leave some in a dilemma. Some would even be unwilling to invest in it. ...
  • 02


    The Future USB Cable: Lightning or USB Type C?

    We thrive in the era of wireless charging. We have cloud data backups. But, we still heavily rely upon USB cables for power and data management. Apple users went through transition many years ago. They left behind a flat, 30 pin dock connector to a ...
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    A Simple Guide to Connecting Computers Using LAN Cables!

    Sharing files through Local Area Network (LAN) cables is by far, one of the oldest ways of transferring data. Over the years, with the forward propulsion of technology, this practice has seen many changes. Today we have other options. We can create ...
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    A Step-by-Step Guide for Adding HDMI Ports to Desktops with HDMI Cards

    Have you ever tried to connect a video game console or an AV receiver to your HDTV? If so, you must be aware that you establish this connection using cords or wires. These cords are known as HDMI cables. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Int ...
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    3 Types of Keystone Jacks You Must Know About!

    If you have observed the electrical world around you, you must have seen cute little rectangular faces - around 14.5 mm wide and 16.0mm high. These are known as Keystone Jacks. Whenever you want to fix low voltage optical connectors and electrical ...
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    A Layman's Guide to CAT6A Cables, Their Advantages and Applications

    We usually limit our knowledge of electrical world to the utilities we enjoy and do not dive much into it. However, it is important to know that data networks and Local area networks cannot work smoothly without cables. For the past 7 years, CAT6A ...
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    Fiber Optic Cables Vs Ethernet Cables: What Is the Difference?

    Wi-Fi is like love. Always in the air and ready to connect you with the fascinating digital world. But ever wondered what keeps it in the air? Well, just like any relationship has a foundation of understanding, a wireless network has a fiber cablin ...
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    Fiber Optic Cables and Their Multiple Benefits!

    Streaming through the Facebook timeline relentlessly, chatting away with customer care executives and processing important information. When you indulge into these activities, do you ponder over questions like, “What powers the internet?” and ...
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    A Guided Tour on HDMI Cables, Their Types, and Functionalities

    Walk into any home and you will find long, black cables that enable the audio and video devices to interact with each other. Known as High Definition Multimedia Interface – HDMI; these incredibly powerful electronic cables take your home/office ...

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