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    Power Cords: Connection Types And Regulatory Issues Explained

    A power cord is an essential element for all the cord connected electrical devices. It powers up your devices. Generally, power cords are connected in two ways.Non-Detachable: It consists of a plug, the cordage, and a strain relief device. It i ...
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    USB: Speeding Up the Data Transfer Rapidly

    The technology evolution is a dynamic process. It evolves day by day with new twists and turns. For instance, ever since we had USB cables and ports, they made our life easier with steady growth throughout the years. Back in the days, when USB ports ...
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    5 Indications Tell You That It’s Time to Upgrade HDMI Cable

    It’s a weekend eve. With a slice of pizza, you’re watching your favorite episode from ‘FRIENDS’ on television. Right before, the joey announces his ‘Next Big Hit’ acting debut, there comes an indication of ‘No-signal’ on TV. And we ...
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    8 Ingenious Hacks to Hide Every Cable in Your Room

    Does your passion for gadgets have covered you in a clutter of cords? Whenever there comes a new appliance in the market, we get an impulse to buy. But what about all the untidiness it may create with the cables? Although cables are an important comp ...
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    The A, B, and Cs of Ethernet Cables: An Infographic

    Ever since the Ethernet standard was officially approved, it became part of our everyday life. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and all the connections you use to browse online is supported by the Ethernet standard. This infographic explains all the information abou ...
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    A Sneak Peek into the Working of HDMI Cables!

    You might have heard about HDMI cables and often Google “HDMI cable near me” whenever you want to put them to use. But you might be unaware of their anatomy, specifications, and working. Today, we will provide you with all the information you s ...
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    Things to Keep in Mind while Installing Network Cables

    As an electrician, you might have studied about installing network cables. Sometimes, the installation might seem easy looking at the instruction guide. However, it gets difficult when it comes to the real procedure. If you fail to install the ne ...
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    DisplayPort or HDMI: Which Cable Should Gamers Choose?

    You love gaming. So, you enthusiastically invest into a new monitor and a modern graphics card. And thereafter comes the BIG confusion – The choice of interface. You’re utterly confused as to which cable to use for connecting panel to the PC. Now ...
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    Insights About USB C You Might Not Have!

    The world of USBs. Inevitably and essentially important to venture into if you want to use them. Sometimes, even though we use them, we do not have much knowledge about the type we should use and why. Whenever we go for buying USB adapters and cables ...
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    Is Single Pair Ethernet Cable the Future?

    It’s been more than two decades that the cable authorities have standardized data and voice applications as 4 pair, ScTP or Sc/FTP, balanced UTP, Sc/FTP cables that support up to 40 Gigabits per second on 30 meters for CAT8. The major reason behind ...

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