Why Cat 5E Cables is an important Component For Network Connection ?

What is an 10ft Shielded Cat5E 350MHz Molded Patch Cable ?

This is a cable that connects all the components within a network to the outside world. Electrical devices like Computers, fax machines, printers, and other devices are all connected across the network so that signals can be transmitted across without any hassles. Straight through or patch cables connect these electrical devices to a router or hub while crossover cables generally connect directly to each other or connect two devices.

cat 5e cable

An Ethernet 10ft Shielded Cat5E 350MHz Molded Patch Cable is used to link a computer to a hub, switch, or router or to connect devices in a line to set up a network component. Ethernet patch cables can also be used to quickly patch in to a wired Internet connection in a large building such as a hotel/ restaurant.

Ethernet patch cables are normally very flexible due to the use of stranded sheathing. This helps protect these cables so that they can bend easily to fit almost any configuration and system.

Shielded Cat5E  Patch Cable is normally of a short length though some of them are upto 6 meters long. Longer patch cables are sheathed in thicker material to prevent signal loss as it travels over the length of the wire.

Some Ethernet patch cables are made from coaxial cables which has a shielded core and an electrical ground wire for efficiency. The type of connectors on each end of the patch cable depend on what it is made to connect and link to. Many models have different connectors on each end to match dissimilar and different electrical devices.

Types of Connections for Patch Cables to be used for electrical devices

Customers might get confused over the terms used for a patch cable. Technically, patch cables refer to any cable that connects two electrical gadgets and devices. However, network experts generally advise and designate cables that join a router with a device as a patch cable.

Meanwhile those two connecting devices are labeled a "crossover." The important thing to remember when ordering cables is that the end connectors should be adaptable and should match the two devices.