Choose the Best Video Extension Cables for Your Home Theater

There are new products being launched everyday in the market. Customers should understand the products they are buying and should do their research carefully before they buy any product. One of the products in the Video Extension Cables market is the 6ft S-Video M/F Extension Cable.

What is an S-Video in Video Extension Cables ?

S-Video can be described as a separate or super Video Extension Cables, and is often referred to be a type of video interface for audiovisual equipment. Therefor a S video cable is a special type of cord that transfers information. S-Video cables have two separate data channels: the Chroma or C

s video cable

stream and the Luma or Y stream. In this segment, the video is composed of three colours and they are also separated into three channels.

The C stream contains the information with the red and blue colors, while the green is deduced based on the red and blue values. The Y stream contains the information for brightness levels. The signals when are sent to a television set, this produces sharper images than composite video where the video information is being transmitted as a signal over one wire.

The reason why this happens because televisions are designed to display separate Luminance (Y) and Chrominance (C) signals. (The terms Y/C video and S-Video are the same.) Computer monitors are designed for Red, Green, Blue monitor (RGB) signals.

Most of the digital video devices like digital cameras and game players produce video in RGB format. The images are clearer when it is displayed on a computer monitor. When the video is played on a standard television, they look better in S-Video format than in Composite Video format.

If customers wish to use S-Video, the device sending the signals must support S-Video output and the device receiving the signals must have an S-Video input jack. One would need an S-Video cable to connect the two devices. One should buy a 6ft S-Video M/F Extension Cable from a reputable brand or store so that the efficiency of the device is maintained and one can use it for a longer period of time without any hassles or problems.