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Cell phones and tablets form an integral part of our lives, these are gadgets that we can't simply live without, they are part and parcel of us we do business with them, they entertain us. They make life convenient. Cell phones and tablets come with accessories which are either bought together as a package or sold separately. Below is a list of cell phone or tablets accessories:

MOBILE ADAPTERS :- A mobile adapter is a very essential accessory which comes with your cell phone or tablet. It is used for recharging your cell phone or tablet. Due to its mobile nature, you simply plug it in a source of power and connect it to your cell phone or tablet for re-charging. They come also with different power cords which can be used from different power sources for instance some can be used in a vehicle while on the move.

MOBILE DATA CABLES :- Cell phones and tablets carry a lot of data which includes personal information, photos, music, videos, contacts etc which we treasure. This thereby brings in the need to transfer this data to our other devices or share data with other people, this is where mobile data cables come in. They usually come with a USB cord which can be slotted in on major devices such as the computer or external Hard Disk Drive. Mobile data cables can also be used in re-charging your cell phone or tablet while connected to computers. They are quite mobile thus can be carried anywhere with ease.

MOBILE CASES :- The mobile nature of cell phones and tablets makes them prone to accidental falls which may lead to breakages or permanent damage for your gadget. A mobile case greatly minimizes or completely eliminates the damage that would have otherwise happen. Not only does a mobile case protect your cell phone or tablet from damage but it also enhances the look of these gadgets because they come in different colors and designs.

BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS :- Bluetooth speakers are mainly used for entertainment purposes i.e listen to music. They incorporate a modern technology whereby one can listen to music from his cell phone or tablet without the need to connect it with a physical wire/cord to these speakers, all you need is an application on your phone which connects your cell phone or tablet with these speakers wirelessly. The sound quality on Bluetooth speakers is much better and of excellent clarity as compared to speakers on your cell phone or tablet.

In a nutshell we can say that cell phones / tablets go hand in hand with the above accessories i.e once you have one you will surely need the other!!