What is Ferrite Bead ?

A Ferrite Bead is a hollow bead or cylinder made of ferrite, a semi magnetic substance made of iron oxide alloys with various other metals. It is usually used with computer cables, slipped over the cable or snapped around the cable. This is found on a typical computer system found in home or office, where you can see 'bumps' on the mouse, keyboard or the monitor cables.

Ferrite beads reduce the RFI (radio-frequency interference) created by these cables. These beads are important as these cables can act as long antenna for the signals they carry. These signals that are broad casted can interfere with radio and TV causing fuzzy sound and picture quality.

Lets us discus what is a VGA monitor cable

A VGA monitor cable connects a laptop or an electronic device to a desktop display, a television set, or a projector when a DVI or HDMI connection is impossible

How to choose a VGA Monitor Cable ?

1. Determine the Quality

Buy the best quality cord out there. You don’t want to receive bad quality reception and compromise with the reception. Make sure of the brand name too as this affects the quality a lot.

Monitor cable

2. Determine the Length

See the length that will suit you the device the most. To protect the video signals from losing quality, the cables need to be kept short as much as possible. Buy the cable that protects from signal interference.

3. Pins coated with Gold

Pins which are coated with gold are a much better conductor than copper. The gold coating ensures that there is faster data transfer speed and stronger signals.

4. Cable should ensure Signal Interference Protection

EM and RF signals can interfere with the signals passing through the VGA monitor cable. Therefore to eliminate this problem, manufacturers design them with multi-layer coats of shielding material. This feature ensure that any EM or RF signals does not disrupt the transfer of data occurring within the wires inside the cable.

5. Male to Male or Male to Female cable

Choose carefully as not all cables are the same as how to connect to devices. Classification of the cables Eg :15ft HD15 SVGA M/M Monitor Cable with Ferrite Bead. This is used for connecting to a laptop or a computer and you need a male to female connector when you need to add length to an existing cable.