Frequently Asked Questions about Keystone Jack Answered

Keystone Jack is one of the most commonly used elements in networking. They are used for networking installations when a computer is connected to a network port. Keystone Jacks have a standardized design. They are created in such a way that they can be fixed into patch panels, keystone plates and keystone boxes.

For establishing a connection, the keystone jack is pushed into a port and can position itself easily. If you want to get it out, you can do it by pulling the tab. One of the biggest drawbacks of keystone jack design is that its rear profile is bigger than the front. Due to this, one cannot put a keystone jack in a single location. Also you cannot put in too many number of keystone jacks in a single location.

Given below are some commonly asked questions about Keystone Jacks along with their answers.

Why Should I use Keystone Jacks?

Keystone Jacks are flexible and you can install them into a wall plate quite easily. You can also install different keystone jacks into one keystone plate having multiple ports. As these wall plates are available in different finishes and colours like golden and black, you can customize them according to the interiors of your home or office. There is an array of options available with the type of Keystone Jacks. And needless to say, they provide a clean, neat and a professional look. If you want a good connection, the wires must be crimped on the keystone jack in the right manner.

What kind of Keystone Jack Should You Use?

The network cable guys usually use standardized Keystone Jacks. However, if you have lack of space for installing these, you can consider going for high density Keystone Jacks. The smaller the footprint, the more connections you can set up using them.

What is a high density keystone jack?

The snap-in dimension of a high density keystone jack is similar to that of a standard keystone jack. The front profile of a high density keystone jack is also like standard keystone jack. Both standard and high density jacks are rectangular in shape and have flexible tabs. They are also used for the same purpose.

So what’s The Difference between High Density and Standard Keystone Jack?

The rear physical profile is the only feature that is different in both. The High Density Keystone Jack is much slimmer as compared to the standard one and it enables one to install more jacks. They also have a narrow rear profile for you to be able to accommodate more Keystone Jacks.

These are some of the commonly asked questions about Keystone Jacks. Other aspects of using them totally depend on your utility and purposes. You can research about these and choose one from our collection of Keystone Jacks that suits your requirements the best.