Walk into any home and you will find long, black cables that enable the audio and video devices to interact with each other. Known as High Definition Multimedia Interface – HDMI; these incredibly powerful electronic cables take your home/office visual experience to a whole another level. Since its arrival, it has replaced five outdated cables. Search for “best HDMI cable” on the internet and you will find many to choose from.

We understand that buying the right high speed HDMI cable to suit your needs can be overwhelming. But, if you buy it from a trustworthy online resource, it should not be very difficult. SF Cable, your electronic companion is here to help you get over your HDMI shopping bewilderment. So, let us untangle different types of HDMI cables, their types, and functionalities for you.

1. HDMI Male/Male Cables

How would you define a visual experience that is a marvel? Perhaps, the one that makes you glee every few seconds. The one that enhances important details and makes them more visible than ever! An HDMI male/male cable enables you to connect your latest Laptop, game console, DVD Blu Ray players to your HDTV projector or monitor. These HDMI cord gives an incredible 4k resolution and helps you replace HDMI cables that offer 720p/1080i. Visit SF Cables website and you will find M/M cables of different lengths that serve different functionalities.

2. HDMI DVI Cables

The abbreviation DVI stands for – Digital Visual Interface. When you want to convert the DVI output on your computer to your TV, HDMI to DVI-D cables come of great help. However, some of these cables might not be able to support the audio when you convert DVI to HDMI. So, before you buy one for your needs, it is better to check with your providers. Also, you must ensure that all these cables are eco-friendly and RoHS compliant. Check out HDMI DVI cables/adapters of different types and length on our website. Most of these are ready to ship and come with a money back guarantee.

3. Panel Mount HDMI Cables

The plug in and plug out irregularities, stamping on cables and other damages can make your systems inoperable. Hence, it becomes very important to protect the wear and tear of HDMI ports. This is when Panel Mount HDMI Cables come of help. You can utilize them as extension cables and they are compatible with different HDMI peripherals. As these ports have a double shielding, you will never cringe at the possibilities of signal loss. After all, an uninterrupted and ultimate visual experience is what you need. Get in touch with us to find HDMI cables having a hi-speed ethernet.

4. Micro HDMI Type D Cables

If you want a portable HDMI Lead that can connect two devices with an HDMI output, Micro HDMI Type D cables can be of good help. They seamlessly work with your laptops, mobile phones, and cameras. You can avail these cables in different lengths for different purposes from SF Cable. We also provide HDMI Male to Micro RedMere slim cables. 1.5ft HDMI To Micro HDMI Cable, 3ft HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable, 6ft HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable and 10ft HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable are some of our bestsellers. You can read about the features and functionalities of these cables on our website.

5. Mini HDMI Type C Cables

Thanks to the Mini HDMI Type C Cables, you can bid goodbye to the lengthy and space occupying cables. These cables are perfect for small devices like laptops, cameras, camcorders, and you can carry them along wherever you go. When it comes to compatibility with HDMI, these cables will never create problems. It is just that they come with a connector of different size. Whether you want to buy high speed HDMI- male/mini-male cable with Ethernet or HDMI male to mini RedMere slim cables of various lengths you can buy them at SF Cable.

Testing HDMI Cables

So, how do you know if the cable that you have bought is of good quality or not? How do you check its continuity and output? HDMI cables testers will help you do so. All you need to do is plug in your cable into these testers and they will provide you with the results of the continuity test. At SF cable, we provide HDMI Cable Testers that test HDMI Type A and C cables without adapters. As ISO 9001-2000 registered manufacturers make our products, they are completely safe to use.

Now that you have understood the types of cables along with their functionalities, let us look at some of the frequently asked questions on HDMI cables. The experts of SF Cable have answered them for you.

FAQs on HDMI Cables

Now that you have understood about the different types of cables we provide at SF Cable, look at some of the frequently asked questions about HDMI Cables:

What is AWG?

AWG is an acronym that stands for "American Wire Gauge". It is a unit for wire measurement. For HDMI cables, it refers to the size of conductors that are inside the cable. But remember, the smaller the number of wire gauges, the larger the wires. So, a 24 AWG cable comes with a thicker conductor as compared to a 28 AWG cable. A thicker conductor can transmit HD signals at remote places effectively.

What is 1080p?

1080p is an HDTV format having 1080 horizontal lines of resolution. Here, the “p” stands for progressive scan.

What is the meaning of refresh rate?

Refresh rate depicts the number of times per second that your device retrieves the data you transfer.

What does Plenum Rated mean?

Plenum is the air handling space above the ceiling and below the floors. In some buildings, there is a need for Plenum rated cable in some buildings as these cables burn slower when there are fire accidents.

Do you have any other questions about HDMI cables or want to know which HDMI cable would be suitable for your needs? Get in touch with our experts on customerservice@sfcable.com. We will try our best to choose the right one.

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