How to Choose the Correct Audio Cable Splitter for Headphones?

Audio cable splitters are saviors when more than one people want to see the same movie from a phone or want to listen to the same song. With the advancements in the technological world, there was a high demand for devices that can help people share music with their friends, headphones connected to the same phone or iPod or laptop. This way the audio cable splitters came to existence.

Basic Idea

As the name indicates, it is a small accessory that let you route sounds into different headphones simultaneously. The main aim of this accessory is to route the audio coming from a singular device without sacrificing the sound quality. Also known as dual headphone adapters, they make it easy to connect two or more headphones, speakers, or microphones to a single audio jack.

If you are wondering how is it possible to connect more than one headphone to a 3.5mm cable? Then the audio cable is your answer. And that’s not it. You can even connect 2.5mm audio jack to 3.5mm audio jack using 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable. But let’s get back to audio cable splitters.

An audio cable splitter contains a singular plug with multiple audio jacks. With the help of it, you can connect multiple headphones or microphones. When it comes to choosing them, it is important to choose the right one for better sound quality.

First, let’s check out the difference between Microphone Splitter & Headphone splitter.

Microphone Splitter VS Headphone Splitter

When it comes to the functions of these splitters, it can be confusing for beginners. Their basic function is common. To split sounds. But when it comes to input/outputs, the headphone splitter splits the output sound. That types of splitters help to project the available sound in a phone, laptop, PC or iPod.

On the other hand, microphone splitter, having the features of an amplifier, splits the input sound as well. There is a resistance that affects the output and input of a microphone and headphone.

The headphone splitter can work without an amplifier, but the microphone splitter cannot function without an amplifier.

The headphone splitter is a “passive splitter’ since it does not demand a power source. On the contrary, microphone splitter is an “active splitter” as it requires a power source.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying Audio Splitter for Headphones:

As we all are aware, headphones are gaining popularity with each passing day in the market. You can choose a suitable splitter for your device based on the following things:

Dual Splitter VS Multi Splitter

When you choose the splitter, it is important to determine the type of splitter you want. There are dual as well as multi splitters available in the market. Based on the usage and number of persons using the device finalize the type of splitter.

Consider Audio Mixing

With some audio splitters, the users can manage the mixing and fade-ins. So, before considering the audio splitter with mixing features, make sure you have the right partner to share it with. It will be a nightmare if you shared such splitter with the wrong kind of people. Also, you can consider earphones splitters instead of headphones as they could be a good option for everyday use with good sound quality.

Headphones or Headsets?

The choice should be clear. Do you want a splitter that allows headphones only or one that permits a headphone and microphone? Though there are no specifications available for headsets splitters. The audio splitter for headsets just requires the right plug size which is 3.5mm to work effectively.

Here are the five types of Splitters You Should Consider:

6-Way Snowflake Shaped Headset Hub:

It’s a splitter with six ports for you. One of the ports has an audio source plugged into it. You can share five ports with your friends and family.

Dual Headphone Jack:

This dual headphone jack splitter has a Y shape with a 3.55mm male jack that can connect to any port.

Suggestion: 3.5mm Audio Cable Splitter

5 Jack Audio Splitter:

With the 5 Jack audio, you get to share it with multiple people without any sacrifices on sound quality.

3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Adapter:

It consists of a male plug connected by a 7 inches long cable to a 3.55mm female port.

3.5mm Y-Splitter Cable Adapter:

It does not support microphone usage but can be great for headphones. They comprise of a 3.55mm male plug that supports any smartphone or computer which is then split in Y shape into two female ports.


Based upon the product usage, you can easily finalize an audio splitter which helps you share content with your colleagues or friends.