During the pandemic, many have found themselves relying heavily on electronic devices. We use them for work, school, and play. We are also using audio and video equipment more than ever - sometimes outdoors to aid in social distancing. These devices have become our primary link to friends and family and our connection to the outside world. It is essential to keep them in good condition and to make sure we always have them available.

An Organized, Pleasant Home Office

Many of us have recently established a home office where we conduct meetings, get our work done, and manage household affairs. At the same time, our spouses and children also use this office. With so many people and devices in one room, the mess of cables can be considerable. One solution is to purchase a smaller (shorter) cable! You will be amazed how much neater your desk area becomes when you use only the length of cord you need. We offer 15 different sizes in six different colors to complement any home office!

A Productive and Efficient Home or Business

Power cords are in constant demand. If you have misplaced a cord or two, avoid constantly moving cords from room to room or borrowing cables from one device for another. With these affordable cables, you can have one for every need and even supply them to your customers! No more fighting over who gets the power cord with several universal computer power cords around! Keep one or two in various areas of your home or business. Many of us use our laptops to have a kind of mobile office. Keep a universal power cord for laptop handy in every room and in your car. You will be prepared to work from anywhere! You will save time and energy searching for a suitable cable if you have one handy in your garage, basement, or storage area. A good PC power cord is vital to your home office.

We Can Help With Projects

Many of our customers have specific projects that require various lengths of cable wire. With our variety of lengths, they do not need to cut and splice their own. Purchasing a universal power cable not only saves time but is also cheaper. If you are working on an outdoor project, or just need additional length, these can also be used as a universal power extension cord.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Many of the power supply cords in your home may have been around for several years. They have probably been relocated and handled throughout the years, maybe not always gently. Due to their constant use, it is a good idea to replace any worn power supply cables. Keep your family safe by maintaining your electric wiring and power supplies. The last thing you want is for a fire to start due to a worn power cable. Our products are affordable, fully molded, and have a low profile ergonomic design.

These universal power cords are of the highest quality but are not too stiff, making them more flexible and easier to manage. Whatever your power supply needs are, you’ll be pleased with the quality and variety of our power cord cables.

Keep us in mind anytime you need a monitor power cable, laptop power supply, or any computer power cord. We are here to help with all your universal power cord needs! When you are ready to replace your overused or misplaced power cables, our AWG Universal Power Cords provide functionality and durability.

One of our most popular items is the NEMA Standard Power Cord. Click here to see all the lengths and colors available:


Universal Power Cords are appropriate on all devices that utilize a C14 connector (computers, monitors, printers, scanners, etc.) going to a US 5-15R receptacle. They are fully RoHS and REACH compliant and rated up to 10A 125V.