USB Keystone Jack: Power Bricks are Slightly Less Important Now

Going into 2020, the wireless dream is alive and thriving. Qi wireless chargers have been around for a while now and we have successfully ditched the cord. Almost. But even the wireless chargers require a wire to get power to itself.

Moreover, not all gadgets charge wirelessly. Your Bluetooth speaker, your noise canceling headphones, your tablet, E-reader, power banks, etc., don’t charge wirelessly. Some of these gadgets don’t even come with power bricks. So you either have to use other power bricks you have or plug them into your computer, anything with the compatible USB port.

But what if you didn’t? What if there was another way to power up these devices? It is the USB keystone jack! Yes, these are USB ports that go directly in the wall of your house. So the next time you want to charge something but can’t find your brick, just plug your device into one of these!

Of course, you have to install one. There are two ways you can go about this, hire an electrician, or go about it in your own way.

Let’s see how to do it if you choose to install the USB keystone jack on your own:

  • Start with removing the current power socket wall plates you have.
  • Get new wall plates that have space for 2 or more keystone jacks.
  • You will have to manage the inside cabling and then plug in those cables into the USB keystone jack.
  • After that, put dust covers on them and arrange them on the wall plate.
  • Before you fix everything back up, check that, the new installations are working properly. You can use any USB device for it.
  • Fix it all up, close up your wall, and touch up the paint around the wall plate if you need to.
  • Your new charging solution is ready!

Now that the installation is over, how will you make the most of this new convenience? You can arrange different kinds of charging setups for your gadgets so that they are always ready for you.

A basic charging station:

When you go out of the house, and if you prefer to carry your phone charger with you, then a charging station at home can really help. You can leave your brick in your bag or even at work, and just plug in your phone with a spare data cable at home. This data cable makes for your permanent charging station at home, so when you are in a hurry, you don’t have to bother making sure if you got your charger. You can just take your phone and leave.

A more permanent setup:

Bluetooth speakers sometimes end up being things that you only use on the weekends or for parties. A lot of this is because you don’t have it charged and ready. But if it were charged and ready, you’d be able to listen to music while eating breakfast, or even use it as a way to listen to a podcast while cooking your meals. A permanent setup encourages regular use. If the gadget is in your sight, and charged, it makes it that much easier to notice and therefore use.

Everyday essentials:

Are you whiling away on social media during your daily commute? Probably yes, we have all been guilty of it. If your commute is a half hour or an hour long, you can get a lot of reading done! A lot of you have bought eBook readers on a whim or got it as a present but seldom use it. Bring that out and plug it in your new USB keystone jack near your entryway to charge. Buy a few books and make it a habit to take them with you every day on your way out to work. You can come back at the end of the day and plug it back in to top up the charge.

You can follow the same system with your earphones or headphones, depending on which you use.

Smart home solutions:

Some smart home gadgets use USB connectors. So your new installations make up for a great way to keep them plugged in without worrying about needing a brick in case you lose one. The smart home after all only works best, when all the components of it are actually available for you to interact with them. Or for them to interact with each other.

With this setup in place, you will never have to worry about a lost power brick, and it will positively influence your lifestyle. SF Cable keeps this particular keystone jack among others, as well all the USB cables you can possibly need. Browse our store for all your cabling needs and get in touch with us if you need an expert opinion.