Vacation Essentials: The Electronics Edition

Summer is approaching fast and it is almost time to travel to far off lands. While being somewhere away from your desk and doing things other than your routine sound tempting, traveling can be harrowing if you forget even a tiny detail in planning it. It is almost as if you need a vacation from planning.

The key to a good vacation is to plan it, go about it in an organized way and keep extras of certain things without over packing. So what are the things that you should always keep in mind? Let’s take a look:

No matter where you are going, whether it is the mountains or the beach, you will need some things. There are times when traveling is not just about doing activities where you are visiting. So make sure to carry a Bluetooth speaker for relaxing nights on the hotel's rooftop or the perfect soundtrack to the sunset.

This also means you should add a couple of books to your bag and if you are traveling light, then an eBook reader that you can charge with your USB power bank or mobile charger.

In addition to this, carry along sunscreen, insect repellent, basic medication, a light cardigan, a travel adapter (if you are traveling internationally), etc. Let’s look specifically at the electronics you should pack with you.

  • If you are planning to go hiking, you should invest in a decent satellite phone. It is likely that you won’t get network on your phone while on a mountain, so a satellite phone can work in this situation.
  • Apart from that, if you don’t have a network, you are not going to be able to stream anything online, so you need to download music on an mp3 player, and TV shows on a tablet or computer.
  • You should carry a USB power bank so you can always have power on your phone because even without network, GPS works and you can use that with downloaded maps.
  • While there is a flashlight built in your phone, carrying an extra one never hurt anyone.
  • Your phone camera is more than up for the challenge when it comes to taking photos, but if you want to take professional grade photos of landscapes or try your hand at some astrophotography, you should carry a digital SLR camera, extra SD cards, various types of lens, and even a tripod. And if you are looking for a more vintage vibe in your photos, make sure to carry an instant camera.

Often the idea of a vacation is to disconnect from using screens and gadgets, but I have just given you a whole article about what all you need to carry with you on one. I have done this consciously. While I am not encouraging spending time on social media, or talking on the phone extensively, I am saying you should have the gadgets you will actually need, like the satellite phone or your usual phone for maps.

Additionally, having an eBook reader and a Bluetooth speaker can in fact help you relax. Imagine, a quiet evening in your vacation rental at sunset with your favorite crime novel and the perfect soundtrack with it!

Taking photos is also a part of a vacation. You are doing something that is outside of your routine, and maybe even exploring something new. If you want to capture those moments, a decent camera and equipment will help you.

And the last but equally important gadgets to carry with you are all the USB cables that charge all your devices. Miss one cable and you will not be able to relax as much as you’d like to.

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