How Do Keystone Jacks Keep Trip Hazards at Bay?

Keystone jacks are regular size rectangular like modules. They help to attach wires to outlets in a patch panel or a wall plate. You can find a plenty of jacks that are available in the keystone format. These include jacks used for networking and telephone cables, USB and HDMI cables as well as coaxial and RCA cables.

Sometimes too many wires and cables put together create a total mess. If you want to keep the area around you neat, tidy and accident free, Keystone Jacks will come of real help. As they keep the wires short and hidden, cable management becomes much easier. So how do Keystone Jacks bring in convenience and prevent trip hazards? Read ahead to know more.

Recording studios

If you have visited a recording studio, you might be aware about the number of cords and cables that are used. Right from the recording hardware, microphones and amplifiers to instruments, headphones and monitors, everything has to be connected to something. In order to connect equipment with each other, an engineer often has to disconnect something or the other and make adjustments. Moreover, as wires are all over the studio, the tripping incidents are sure to go up.

Having large patch bays can take care of all the problems. All the wires of hardware and other equipment remain neatly arranged at the back of the console. It also brings a lot of convenience as the sound engineer doesn’t have to crawl behind equipment in order to connect the equipment. As there is no mess on the floor, everything looks professional and in place.

Home theatres

Keystone Jacks are a blessing for movie buffs! Especially if the task of arranging wires seems nightmarish. A home theatre has a huge TV, audio components, satellite box and most probably a Blu Ray player. Also there are speakers perched at stands on each corner of the room. Now there are cables connecting these devices to each other. The speaker cables hanging around the walls spoil the look and aesthetics of your home theatre. If there is a neat and systematic rack with different components attached, concealed behind the TV and a keystone plate having a short cable connecting speaker to the walls, your home theatre will look as you intended it to.

Home Office Areas

In a typical home office, you will find a desk having a PC, a television and a telephone. All of these devices have to be connected to the wall. The phone is usually wired to the phone jack and TV to the cable jack on a different wall. The wires from near the desk run in different directions of the room. Now this is sure to create tripping hazards.

To avoid this, a Keystone outlet can be mounted on the wall behind the desk. The cable jack for TV, RJ-45 jack for computer network and RJ-11 jack for the phone; all can be attached on a single wall plate. Needless to say, it lessens the clutter and chaos making the place look elegant and classy.

Cables and wiring if present all over the place can create a lot of problems. You definitely do not want the areas around you to look like a snake pit. So make the most out of Keystone Jack panels and outlets!